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When this unit is activated the display shows anything moving relative to its position. The sensors can penetrate any kind of terrain.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Motion Scanner
Marsec Motion Scanner.PNG
  • Size: 1 × 1
  • Weight: 2
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Available: Week 1
  • Base Price: $900
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 2
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 6
  • Battlescape Score: 4
  • Style: one-handed
  • Detection Cube: 40cells x 40cells x 9levels
An X-Com unit running north at Speed=100 leaving a white trace. The user (yellow circle icon) at the display's center shown facing east (orange arrow icon) with the display always orientated top-north.

A small device that detects all lifeforms as white blips on the battlescape. A light weight device ideally suited to scouts or clean up crews quickly sweeping a battlescape of hostiles. An important device which should be available to every agent if market quantities allow. A motion scanner may 'search' areas without exposing an agent to ambush, approach an area without having to manually check every little hidey-hole bathroom, allows planning of ambushes, etc.

  • Does not differentiate detected lifeforms except on their size or speed.
  • Detection of any lifeform is uniform across the whole scanner range. Detection strength does not become weaker near the edge of its range within the cube, that is, anything within the 40x40x9 cube will be detected equally.
  • Does not detect agent equipment of any sort.
  • Detects all lifeforms, dead or alive.
  • Monochrome display model only. There are no coloured versions.

Stationary Use

Movement is displayed as white blips of various intensities depending on speed and size, fading quickly on a small screen when the motion scanner user is not moving.

  • Does not detect any lifeforms if they do not move.
  • Lifeforms moving slowly only register as a dim white blip. The faster or bigger the unit, the brighter the blip and the longer it takes to fade.
  • If searching for aliens and found in a tight grouping, their unique sounds and their blip shape may give you clues on which blip is which.

If the user moves, the motion scanner will display the surrounding terrain (building outline and internal walls, trees, rubble, etc.), unconscious entities, stationary units, and general clutter since motion relative to the scanner had been detected.

  • A white fading outline of the battlescape and all units will be very briefly displayed as a blurred after-image and may quickly become confusing.
  • The faster the movment of the user, the stronger the after-image and the more blurry it becomes.
  • A user only moving vertically will show a clean outline of the structure and any lifeforms as bright unblurred blips.
  • The terrain above or below, within two levels of the user moving vertically (up or down) will only be displayed briefly, however, all lifeforms, moving or not, within the cube will be detected irrelevant of battlescape height (which is nine levels maximum).
  • To have cleaner and unblurred after-image when moving horizontally, the agent should walk. A fast, walking agent X-Com unit could used the 'step once, step once' style to limit heavily blurred after-images.

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