SD Turbo (Apocalypse)

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SD Turbo
SD Turbo.png

A large anti-grav unit designed for military vehicles or commercial transports.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

A medium sized engine sold by Superdynamics. It is standard equipment on the Valkyrie Interceptor and the best engine that fit into a Phoenix Hovercar. Civilian Rescue Transports also use it.

Phoenix Hovercars should be fitted with this engine whenever possible in order to maximize their speed and maneuverability. Performance is, however, lacking if used in the Valkyrie or Hawk Air Warrior.

If unavailable for purchase, one can buy a Valkyrie Interceptor and rip out the engine, selling the Valkyrie afterwards.


Statistics Value
Top Speed13
Base Price$3500

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