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General Information


This surgical equipment uses laser cutters to extract certain body parts from cattle and other animals. The widespread cattle mutilations can be accounted for by this bizarre alien activity. It is likely that these parts are used for nutritional or genetic purposes.

Additional Information

Alien Surgery components.

These components (see picture to the right) are only found on Harvester and Supply Ship UFOs. The first two objects are the laser cutters which are used to dismember and slice the animal carcasses into manageable pieces and can be found on both UFOs. The last four objects consist of the surgery table itself and are only found on the Harvester. There is a cattle head which is used to construct the full table assembly, but it is not a surgery item unfortunately. Each object found on the UFO will translate into one object back at base (for a 1:1 ratio) which will sell for a whopping $38,000 apiece.

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