Androids (Chimera)

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Note: This article deals with the strategic aspect of Androids. For tactical overview, see here. For the Sacred Coil enemy unit, see Android (Chimera).


Androids are one of the new features of XCOM: Chimera Squad. After completing the Android Personnel project (the first available project, 10 Elerium, 2 days) you will receive the first Android for free - it will be located in the Armory together with agents. You can buy more Androids from the Supply for 150 Credits, but you can have a maximum of 2. Androids cannot be assigned to APC, Assembly, Spec Ops, or Training. Instead, they always accompany your squad to Missions.


Health Mobility Aim Armor Dodge Crit
8 10 65 0 0 0

Due to their Mechanical Chassis, Androids are immune to fire and poison damage.


Androids, unlike agents, do not have to be manually selected for each Mission. They automatically accompany agents in all Missions and appear on the Mission preparation screen. Unlike agents, Androids can be destroyed by enemies, but you don't fail the Mission if this happens.

You can't control Android from the very beginning of the Mission. Android can join the combat only if you lose an agent during an Encounter, that is, if a situation occurs in which the agent starts Bleeding Out, meaning they must be Stabilized (otherwise you fail the Mission) and will not be able to take part in further Encounters. If this happens, Android will be able to replace a lost agent. Android will take part in the Encounters until the end of Mission.

You should decide to buy an Android if:

  • The previous Android was destroyed by enemies. Unlike agents, Androids cannot be saved if they reach 0 HP.
  • You want to have two Androids available.


Androids, unlike agents, do not automatically recover all HP after completing a Mission. After completing a Mission, an Android may remain damaged. Then you have two options:

  • You can pay with Credits to repair the Android - this can be done by using the Armory.
  • Or you can wait a few days for the Android health to automatically return to its maximum level.


Androids feature 4 Loadout groups, just like agents: Weapons, Armor, Breach item, Utility item(s). These groups are expanded just like agent's: Modular Weapons project adds two slots for Weapon Mods, Modular Armor project adds one slot for Armor Mod, and Enhanced Armor Upgrade add one slot for Utility items. However, unlike agents, Androids can choose their Primary Weapon - they can choose Rifle, SMG, or Shotgun, including their Epic versions. They cannot equip Pistols or Pangolin Gauntlets.


Androids cannot gain experience and advance to higher Ranks. However, this does not mean that their combat capabilities cannot be increased. This is mainly done by installing Upgrades in the Armory (Androids do not feature abilities or biography, but they have Upgrades). Android upgrades are not available from the very beginning - you must complete Modular Androids project first. Android Upgrades are divided into four groups:

  • Vision: Lidar Mk I, Lidar Mk II (Aim +8/+15%)
  • Processor: Tactical ASIC Mk I, Tactical ASIC Mk II (Dodge +1/+2), Quadcore GPU, Octacore GPU (Crit +10/+18%)
  • Chassis: Ballistic Foam Lining, Impact Gel Lining, Polymer Sheathing, Titanium Sheathing (HP +2/+2/+2/+2, Armor +0/+1/+2/+3)
  • Motor: Servoharness Mk I, Servoharness Mk II (Mobility +1/+2)

Unfortunately there can only be one upgrade in each slot. Curiously, Android Upgrades cannot be uninstalled, only replaced. But, if your Android gets destroyed, the upgrades it had installed are not lost - you'll be able to install them in the next Android model you buy. Also note that the Android upgrade items (or Android Mods) are never available as Mission rewards or in the Scavenger Market - you have to buy them from Supply.