Elite Soldier Pack DLC (EU2012)

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The first DLC pack released for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the Elite Soldier Pack was automatically available from day one to all those who pre-ordered and may be purchased separately by those who later acquired the game. It offers a selection of head-wear, armour decorations and armour tints.

A special wallpaper was produced to showcase the pack's features a few months prior to release.

Unit Customisation

The Elite Soldier Pack includes alternate forms of three XCOM armours, helmets for each of the same, and the "flat-top" hairstyle sported by one of the soldiers from the original game (eg).

In addition, it allows tinting of all armour suits (including those supplied by the later Slingshot DLC). 32 different colours are made available, the majority of which contain multiple shades (though for most armours, only the primary colour is visible). Custom colours applied to armour suits also apply to hats/helmets the units may be wearing.




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Additional Notes

  • By default, the files for this DLC are stored at: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XComGame\DLC\PCConsole\DLC_PackIn
  • Despite the official marketing description, the Elite Soldier Pack does not add a new soldier to your barracks. You may, however, immediately customise your recruits to use the flat-top hairstyle.
  • Most armours only make use of the primary colours provided by the tints, ignoring the secondary and tertiary colours.

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