Ground Vehicles (Apocalypse)

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Got To Go Fast!

Ground-based vehicles are the less expensive way to travel or to move goods. Military types are combat ready and available to X-Com whereas Utilitarian types are specialized for certain duties.

  • X-Com owned road vehicles can patrol an area (driving in circles) if given a "Go To Map Point" final location that is not a road.

Military Vehicles

Apoc turbobike icon.png Blazer Turbo Bike
Apoc stormdog icon.png Stormdog
Apoc wolfhound icon.png Wolfhound APC
Apoc griffon icon.png Griffon AFV

Civilian Vehicles

Apoc civiliancar icon.png Civilian Car
Apoc autotaxi icon.png Autotaxi
Apoc autotrans icon.png Autotrans

Law Enforcement

Apoc policecar icon.png Police Car

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