Strategy Screen (Chimera)

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  1. CURRENT OBJECTIVE: Displays the Operation goal for your current Investigation.
  2. ANARCHY TRACKER: Displays the current Anarchy level of City 31. If Anarchy reaches its max, your current campaign ends in failure.
  3. RESOURCES: Displays your current amounts of the key Resources (and weakly income for mouse-over) Chimera Squad uses to keep operations running.
  4. FACILITY MENU: Displays different locations at the squad’s HQ. Each corresponds to a different activity that can only be performed in the Strategy layer. Click a facility to visit and interact with that location.
  5. DUTY ASSIGNMENTS: Displays which agents are currently assigned to which tasks. For example, the 4 Duty Assignments on the City Map show which agents are currently on the APC Duty ready to deploy on your next combat Mission. An empty square indicates a location/task with no agent currently assigned to it. Duty assignments are exclusive, and agents can only be assigned to one duty at a time.
  6. NOTIFICATIONS: Messages regarding important tasks or information appear here, including Critical Mission alerts, which announce when there’s a Mission on the City Map that must be completed on that in-game day.
  7. DATE: Displays the current in-game date, which advances as you go on Missions. Many strategy activities require a certain number of days to complete. You collect resources from Field Teams every Friday.