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Does anyone know what weapons the Megaspawn has? It seems to have two sets of weapons which are both dual wielded (2 launchers, 2 beams). I saw an android get 1-shotted by the beam in Disruptor Armor so it's clearly a very powerful attack. --Bobucles December 2014

FYI - Alien Escort - the Megaspawn can, and does, leave that room. In the 3 Alien Escorts I've downed and investigated, in 2 of them the megaspawn appears, somewhat surprisingly, coming down the grav-lift and right over my agents heads. In both casesI've managed to down him with Toxigun shots before he got a shot off. Point is - on lower difficulty, he stays secluded. Higher difficulty, he comes out after you. --Alloutwar 15:35, 13 December 2010 (EST)

The way to capture a Megaspawn the author describes is needlessly complicated. Also the threat level of a Megaspawn is definitely overrated. You only have to isolate the megaspawn, take a shielded Soldier with Toxin Gun (A/B) and Stun Grappler and then rush the Megaspawn to close combat range. In close combat range he won´t use his missileattack (the only thing that makes him dangerous). When you reach close combat range take a few shot with the Toxin Gun to weaken him and then use the Stun Grappler, very easy. No need to toss 12-24 stun grenades and such nonsense. The difficult thing is to isolate him.

To fight Megaspawn:

There are two rules to fight a Megaspawn:

1. Fight him in close combat range, because he won´t use his missiles. 2. Use cloaking device and spam him with Toxi Gun Bullets on range firefights. If you first see him before he can see your troops (whats normally is the case because of the use of cloaking devices) he won´t be able to give a damn shot with his missile launcher before you´ve peforated him with Toxi Gun Bullets. --Janshi 16:56, 27 December 2010 (EST)

I agree - this is definitely one of those legacy articles that need to be rewritten.
Combined with smoke grenades and a cloaking device, and if there is favourable terrain, you can often easily get right up to the Megaspawn to take it down or capture it. One agent and a pair of powerswords can easily cut them down to size. -NKF

Old Article

You remember those wonderful little Heavy Weapons Platforms (Tanks) that you got in the first game? This is their equivalent. And lucky for you, you don't get one. Can you say uh oh? If the Psimorph is the most dangerous unit in the game because it can turn your units, this would be the next most dangerous unit. The Psimorph and Megaspawn are pretty much equal in terms of threat level. A difference, though: The Megaspawn has weapons. Big weapons. I'm talking Dimension Missile and Devastator Cannon weapons, with a good 2 tons of armor to back that up. This thing is a TANK! If you are going to take one down, I suggest you send in at LEAST 6 units to fight this thing. They only show up in the Alien structures, the Alien Battleship, the Alien Mothership, and the Alien Escort ship, though in the Escort ship the thing stuck in a room, thank God, so it's rather easy to corner them. Here's what you do on the maps.

1) They cannot go up ANY slope. Doesn't matter the grade. They cannot go up slopes. This is advantageous, duh. You can rain down fire from above while they can't hit you. Until they fire their missiles... Yeah, you are going to need to grab a personal shield generator or 5. Make that a PRIORITY. Otherwise you'll be losing a LOT of troops.

2) For the Battleship level, stick your troops outside the two corridor entrances to the Battleship. Let the Skeletoids and Anthropods and other random troops filter into the sunlight where your troops will all be ready for the ambush. When all of these wimps are taken out, move your troops inside the corridors. There should be a staircase at the end of the hall. If you see one of the THREE Megaspawns, move all your guys back. Then take one trooper, send him around the corner. Have him get off two shots, and then hide again. This "hide-n-seek" strategy works great at eliminating the buggers. If any Megaspawns are still inside the ship, have ONE soldier go inside and up to the second level. There should be two one-block grav-lifts at the end of the north-western hallway. Take the northern one. Once your troop is all the way up, they should see the remaining Megaspawn(s). Take them out up here. If they open fire, just go down the grav lift again. Fairly simple.

3) For the Mothership level, put your men on the slopes surrounding the crash site. These hills provide a clear line of sight into the doorway of the ship. If your troops concentrate their fire on the Megaspawn as it leaves the ship, then it should fall easily under the combined fire before it can get off a shot. Thankfully, there are only two on this level.

To Capture: Your insane. Simple. I have been trying to capture these monstrosities for ages, and have had a dickens of a time. So, here's what I did. I downed an Alien Escort ship, took out the entire compliment MINUS the Megaspawn, as it can't get out of that tiny room, or it doesn't want to. Once you have it in that room, and, of course, KNOW which room it's in, grab as many guys with as many stun grenades as you have. Have your men chain throw them into the room, so that the moment one dissipates, the next flies in and explodes, lather, rinse, repeat. Once you have thrown about 12-24 grenades (on average 2-4 per soldier) in the room, the Megaspawn will be sufficiently weakened that you can move a soldier with a stun gun and a devastator or sniper rifle or whatever into the room. One shot to hit the Megaspawn, and the stun grapple should finish him off. Stupid tanks have a slow reaction time, thankfully, so your trooper should have plenty of time to kneel, aim, and fire both weapons, and MAYBE get out of there before the Megaspawn gets off one shot. If it doesn't go down from that... Well, go back to chucking stun grenades in, and then try to get him again. The fella has GOT to go down sometime...