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This is an issue that many players either don't anticipate or simply don't realize is going to happen. Sooner or later an alien craft will hover over your base and beam down an attack force, some of these forces can be fairly large, others pitifully weak. Either way you should be prepared for the worst.

The damage, losses and irritation of base defense can be easily minimized not so much by what you do on the tactical map, but how you build your base in the first place. By following these simple steps you can make base defense missions a walk in the park.

  1. When buying a new base, take into account the location of the Access Lift. Lifts located in corners or in narrow corridors are easily defended as they create a bottleneck, slowing down the advance of intruding hordes and forcing them through a predictable path.
  2. Bear in mind that Vehicle Repair Bays are a form of entrance too, and the aliens (or their pawns) will have no hesitation in swarming in through any foolisly unguarded, or poorly placed, bays.
  3. Isolate lifts and hangars by surrounding them with a string of Security Stations. Advanced Security Stations are naturally better if you have the technology and the space, as their disruptor beams are more powerful. Keep in mind that only three security stations will operate at a given time.
  4. If need be place further security stations down important corridors, such as between access points and living quaters. Any alien unlucky enough to come within range of these facilities will be shot to pieces and, better still, you wont lose an agent.
  5. Even if you have security stations, you must have at least one agent at a base, or else it will automatically fall when it is invaded. For research-specialist bases, your agents can be androids, or you can use normal humans and simply let them train all the time. A small garrison force of agents armed with moderate weapons will suffice for clearing up any invaders that bypass your defenses in most cases.

Hostile corporations (i.e., those under alien control or simply angry at you) can also assault your base. The irritation here is that you'll rarely see them coming - they simply appear out of thin air and there's no way to stop them. Such assaults are also totally unavoidable - not even by reloading multiple times can you dodge them.

With sufficient security stations, invaders should rarely be a problem unless packing some serious hardware - but make sure all exits from bays and lifts are isolated by security stations - invaders love to exploit security holes.

Take in mind that scientists can spawn in the oddest of places - a General Stores Module beside my base access was a long-time favorite of random science personnel and lead to one or two being killed. Generally, however, scientists will spawn safely in your living quarters, well away from the action. If you're worried, group a couple of heavily armed soldiers in with your scientists to protect them - keep the scientists hidden (the toilets of the living quarters, the under-levels of the alien containment, and the lower rooms of the medical facility are excellent hiding places - and leave your agents behind cover with a clear view of the only entrance into the room (use the bunks as cover in living quarters, for example) and non-AoE weaponry + grenades. Assuming anything even manages to get past the defenses it should be easy pickings.

Corporation assault forces are prone to panicking late into an attack if large portions of their group have been killed. Spare none of them.

Tactical Advantage When Outnumbered

If low on numbers or simply outnumbered play defensively, the aliens tend to seek you out so set up a defensive position, preferably just behind a bottleneck or a door and spread your men out if possible. The minute that door opens open fire! Don't be afraid to throw a boomeroid or stun grenade through for good measure.

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