Buildings (Apocalypse)

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Each building in Mega-Primus is a vast labyrinth of corridors, atriums, rooms, halls and service
ducts. If Aliens have infiltrated a building they will be found in just a small part of the
complex, with plenty of places to escape from the combat zone. Buildings with lower populations or
numerous service areas provide much better places for Aliens to hide and breed.

A list of Mega-Primus buildings and areas, with additional information about them.
Important: Each building has a home cell. It is a 1x1 cityscape tile in the shape of a grey box which looks like a car-port or parking garage. This is the heart of the building. X-Com personel at any building will be indicated by a small-person-in-a-circle icon, and road vehicles parked will be a solid yellow circle. If this tile is destroyed, anything it contains is usually destroyed. The building may be temporarily unavailable for battlescape missions until rebuilt.

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