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A close combat weapon that uses an Elerium Plasma Generator to enhance the blade. It is a very powerful device, but can only be used against adjacent targets.


The Power Sword is a short ranged weapon that has high destructive potential and is very portable. It is unfortunately tempered by having an effective targeting range of only 1 tile, restricting it to close combat. Despite this, it is a very powerful weapon and is often used as a portable digging tool.

One of the sword's distinguishing features is that its recharging battery, similar to the ones on the Stun Grapple, Disrupter Gun and Devastator Cannon. This means that its ammunition is effectively unlimited, however its operational time is limited by the number of charges it can maintain at any given time.

The Power Sword features a relatively slim design, taking up a vertical 1×4 inventory slot. This shape is very convenient as it allows Agents to pack a Power Sword while storing one or two Personal Disrupter Shields in the backpack.

The Power Sword is embargoed for sale on the market for two weeks from the start of the campaign and only appear for sale in very limited supplies. Agents with sticky fingers can find the swords prior to their public release by visiting the Marsec Arms Factory, which can be found on every city map.

The Power Sword deals 5 more damage than the Devastator Cannon, while having a 100% damage modifier on all enemies with the exception of Micronoids (50%) and Personal Shields (50%, also same for Devastator Cannon), this makes it one of the few purchasable weapons that are viable throughout the game (mainly in Turn Based mode) with the downside being melee range only. It is especially useful when dealing with Poppers, as the Plasma Damage will not cause it to explode on death. Though fully outclassed by the Toxiguns ability to bypass shields as well as the Type C damage, it makes for a great weapon to use in the early weeks and in runs where the player decides to use only certain types of weapons to increase the games difficulty. (i.e. purchasable weapons only / PS only run, etc.)

Weapon Stats

  • Weight: 4
  • Size: 1x4
  • Power: 75
  • Damage Type: Plasma
  • Range: 2m
  • Fire Rate: 1.03 r/s


  • The sword's projectile has a longer range than its targeting range. When used on the same level the projectile travels towards the floor, limiting the range to 1 tile along the same elevation. If aimed diagonally, the projectile can be thrown much further, though the accuracy of the attack will be dubious.

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Old Article

The Power Sword is a curious weapon on the streets of Mega Primus. It does even more damage per shot than the Devastator Cannon, and fires considerably faster. It also does not require ammunition, recharging as the Devastator Cannon does. As its name suggests, however, it is a melee weapon like the stun grapple, making it difficult to use effectively despite these advantages. Curiouser is its highly limited supply; including those in X-COM's stores, there are typically less than a half dozen on the market at any time.

The Power Sword's lack of range makes it unsuitable for typical combat and generally left unused by the player. However, due to its speed and power, the sword may be useful in a few situations:

  • Ambush: If the mission's environment allows it, it may be possible to draw computer opponents into extremely narrow chokepoints where a skilled X-COM agent, with appropriate reaction scores, can hide around the corner and shielded by enemy fire but attack opponents where they come about to engage him or her. Because of limitations in the computer's AI, they may go through several or even several dozen opponents before they get the idea to toss a grenade. However, because the range of the weapon forces such specific placement, this is usually only useful when guarding a narrow door or other 1x1 passageway.
  • Teleport: Late in the game, a seasoned X-Com commander may achieve a high enough score to prompt aliens employ teleporters in their equipment. When X-COM inevitably captures and reverse engineers this technology, it brings the quirky Power Sword into play; an agent can teleport directly behind a troublesome alien and reduce their opponent to so much burnt flesh. A skilled agent can fell a Megaspawn by themselves with nothing but a teleporter and a Power Sword.
  • Destruction: Perhaps the weapon's most causally useful feature, the Power Sword's damage and lack of ammo makes it extremely effective at putting holes (and thus, makeshift doors) in walls, carve out a structure's supports or even dig tunnels through several tiles of solid rock. This trick can make even the labrynthine alien buildings navigatable with little effort, and may be useful for setting up an Ambush (see above).

The Power Sword is a slim, 1x5 item that fits neatly beside two Personal Shields in an agent's backpack. This makes it convenient and nonobtrusive to carry as a backup tool, though the "limited-edition" nature of their supply may make this impossible for all but your favourite agents.