After Action Report (EU2012)

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Mission Complete screen

When the last alien/enemy is killed/stunned or XCOM forces achieve the mission objectives. the game will display a Mission Complete screen with the battle results, including Aliens Killed, XCOM Operatives Lost, and if playing a terror mission, the number of Civilians Saved. Your Skyranger will then fly back to base and after it lands, the After Action Report (or Debrief) will be displayed. It may consist of up to 4 sections, depending on the type of mission undertaken.

Storyline Results

If you have just completed a Storyline Mission this is the first screen that will appear, informing the player of the next objective to be reached by XCOM.

Barracks Results

The next screen that appears will be the soldier stats window, this window will show you the list of your soldiers that participated on the mission and whom of which have been granted a Promotion, Killed in Action or Wounded/Gravely Wounded (subsequently you will also have the number of days they will have to spend in the Infirmary.

This will have a Second Screen to it after Covert Operations detailing the Covert Operative's Stats and whatever Data was retrieved on where the EXALT Base is.

Items Results

On the next screen you will see there will be a list of all the items that you gained during that mission, like corpses, weapons and alien captives, above the items will be any new research projects that open up, like the Plasma Pistol or Interrogate Floater.

Situation Room Results

The final screen you will view will appear on Abductions/Terror Sites/Council Missions. It will not appear if you have just participated in a combat mission that has anything to do with a UFO, either crashed or landed (with the exception to the the final mission of the Slingshot DLC). The screen will hold any rewards you receive from The Council, any panic reduction/increase that has taken place or any new game objectives.

After the last screen the game will switch back to Base view.

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