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Council Message
Blue badge XCOM EU

"Hello Commander,

In light of the recent extraterrestrial incursion, this council of nations has convened to approve the activation of the XCOM Project.
You have been chosen to lead this initiative.
To oversee our first... and last line of defense.
Your efforts will have considerable influence on this planet's future.
We urge you to keep that in mind as you proceed.
Good luck Commander."

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Tasked with the role of investigating and stopping the growing alien threat, XCOM started its operations on March 2015, under the motto "Vigilo Confido" (I am watchful. I am relied upon.)"

XCOM Headquarters

XCOM Organization (EU2012).png

In order to execute the mission entrusted by the Council, the XCOM Commander has at his/her disposal XCOM's HQ and its resources to develop and implement a strategy to defeat the Aliens. The Commander will have to skillfully coordinate all its aspects of operations in order to achieve the victory conditions. XCOM HQ's operations against the extraterrestrial life forms are divided into six main areas:

  • Hangar - For maintenance and repair of aircraft, it houses the single Skyranger transport craft and Interceptors and allows to purchase, equip and deploy Interceptors throughout the world's continents to engage the UFOs.
  • Research - Under the supervision of Chief Scientist Dr. Vahlen, in charge of all projects being pursued at the Science Lab and Laboratories regarding the alien life forms and the development of new technologies developed from artifacts recovered during combat missions.
  • Engineering - Led by Chief Engineer Dr. Raymond Shen, his engineers are responsible for all projects at the Workshops and Foundry that reverse engineer the Aliens' advanced technologies and puts them in XCOM use. Engineering is also responsible for Base Facilities' management and expansion to maximize and augment HQ's capacities regarding the other main areas.
  • Barracks - Everything related with the ground troops that will fight and ultimately defeat the aliens on the ground, including hiring/sacking, equipping, promotions/training and injury recovery.
  • Situation Room - Where the Commander may manage XCOM's financial resources, receive monthly reports and special missions from the Council, manage Panic levels, launch built satellites and sell advanced technology at the Grey Market, as well as keep track of XCOM's objectives.

War Objectives

"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying" - Arthur C. Clarke

In order for Earth to win the war against the Aliens, the XCOM Commander will have to use and manage wisely XCOM's resources in order to achieve two goals:

  • To discover and stop the invaders' agenda - by capturing live aliens and recovering alien artifacts in order to study and use their advanced technology to discover and stop their intentions. In order to achieve this XCOM will have to achieve a number of specific objectives that will be outlined on the Situation Room.
  • To prevent the closure of the XCOM project - by maintaining a satisfactory performance to the Council and preventing that high panic levels cause a total of eight Earth nations to leave the project sign pacts with the Aliens, which will automatically end XCOM.

In order for Earth to win the war, XCOM will have to follow a strategy that allows it to complete both goals. If XCOM fails to achieve both goals Earth will be powerless to stop the alien invasion and humanity will have to surrender its fate to its new masters.

To help in the Commander on this task, the UFOPaedia and all the data it contains is at your disposition to plan a strategy to stop and defeat the alien invasion.

Good luck Commander.

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