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General Information

The British Hydrospace Barracuda, powered by super-heated laser engines. One of the fastest interceptor ships in the world, capable of submersible and atmospheric flight, a key craft in the coming battle.

This craft appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Interceptor.

Vital Statistics

Maximum Speed:2,400
Fuel Capacity:800
Weapon Pods:2
Damage Capacity:120
Cargo Space:None
SWS Capacity:None

See Also


  • Flavour text from the Terror From the Deep Demo notes that the Barracuda is produced by both SUB-AM and British Hydrospace. Only British Hydrospace is mentioned in the TFTD Ufopedia.
  • The Barracuda not only boasts propulsion that allows supersonic speeds UNDERWATER, it is also resilient enough to survive the process! A true engineering marvel, considering it is based purely on Terran technology and uses Terran fuel and materials.
  • The Barracuda is unable to descend to the deepest parts of the ocean. If you attempt to intercept an Alien Sub at "Very Deep" depth, you will receive a warning and the Barracuda will break off pursuit.
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