P.W.T. Cannon

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P.W.T. Cannon

The Pulse Wave Torpedo Utilises a superheated fuel system and an extremely dense warhead which can punch through most alloys.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

The P.W.T Cannon is a torpedo launcher that carries and fires two Pulse Wave Torpedoes. The torpedoes have very high accuracy and deal massive damage that can completely destroy smaller ships, while dealing heavy damage to larger ships. The P.W.T. Cannon has a firing range similar to sonic weapon on the Dreadnought alien submarine.

The P.W.T. Cannon is available after research is completed on the Disruptor Pulse Launcher and Disruptor Pulse Torpedo.

This weapon appears in Terror From The Deep. For the UFO Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Fusion Ball Launcher. For Enemy Unknown (2012), the Fusion Lance is a rough equivalent.

Manufacturing Requirements

P.W.T. Cannon

Engineer Hours:400
Cost per Unit:242,000
Workshop Space required:6

Pulse Wave Torpedoes

Engineer Hours:600
Cost per Unit:$28,000 start cost (total cost about $48,000/unit)
Workshop Space required:6
Raw Materials:4x Zrbite

Vital Statistics

Range:60 km
Reload Time (Official):28 game seconds
Reload Time (actual):16x/12x/8x slower than Gas Cannon (Cau/Std/Agg) ( = 48/36/24 game seconds)
Rearm Rate:1 per hour per craft
Ammunition Used:Pulse Wave Torpedos; total cost to manufacture around $48,000 each

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