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The year is 2067, and the Earth's resources are nearly depleted. In search of raw materials essential for the survival of the humans, powerful corporations send explorers into a region of space known as the Frontier. However, upon arriving there, the humans find out that they are not the only ones needing resources. The alien races who had invaded Earth nearly seventy years ago have their own claims for the Frontier, and it looks like there can be no peaceful solution for the situation.

X-COM: Interceptor has elements of strategy, but its primary gameplay style differs from most previous installments in the X-COM series, focusing on space combat simulation and resource managing. The player commands an elite force of starfighters sent to protect the human corporations in the Frontier. As the X-COM commander, the player must manage space stations, resources, and finances of the organization. Researching alien technology is also necessary to ensure the safety of the humans.

When an enemy craft is spotted, the game's mode switches to space combat simulation. The player pilots starfighters, co-ordinating their wingmen, similarly to Wing Commander: Prophecy. Mission objectives usually involve destroying or capturing enemy ships, sabotaging alien trade routes, escorting friendly ships to specific locations, and raiding alien bases.


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System Requirements


  • Pentium 133 MHz processor with 3-D graphics accelerator -or- 166MHz Pentium w/o accelerator
  • 16MB RAM
  • 85Mb free hard drive space
  • Windows 95 with DirectX 5.0
  • Quad-speed CD-ROM Drive
  • 640x480x16bit color video card (compatible with DirectX 5.0 and having 2Mb RAM)
  • DirectX 5.0 compatible sound card
  • Mouse


  • Pentium 200MHz processor or higher
  • 32Mb RAM
  • 8x CD-ROM drive
  • 265Mb free hard drive space
  • Direct3D graphics accelerator
  • Windows 95 compatible joystick -or- DirectX compatible force feedback joystick

Multiplayer Requirements

  • Null-modem serial cable
  • 28.8kbps Windows 95 compatible modem
  • LAN with IPX or TCP/IP protocol

Internet Play Requirements

  • TCP/IP protocol
  • 28.8kbps modem or faster


Dialogue and Game Text
David Ellis

Lee Baldwin
John C. O'Neill
Wayne Harvey
Paul Rowan

Additional Programming
Greg Hubbard
Scott Sherman

Music / Sound Programming
Laura Barrett

Lead Artist
Guy Sparger

Graphics / Artwork
Janis Clayton
Tad Irish
Alex Kim
Ryan Murray
Eric T. Peterson
Henry Schwetzke

Additional Artist
Mike Schmidt

Documentation - Manual
Anne Stone

Documentation Manager
John Possidente

X-COM Timeline
David Ellis

"A Tale of Two Cities" written by
Charles Dickens

Executive Producer
William Denman

Associate Producer
Wayne Harvey

Production Assistance by
Jeff Goodwin, Director of Production, Studios

Mark Cromer
Steve Newton
Mark Reis
Roland J. Rizzo

Movie Soundtracks
Mark Reis
Roland J. Rizzo

Sound Effects
Mark Reis
Mark Cromer

QA Director
Ray Boylan

QA Supervisor
Tom Falzone

Project Lead
Roscoe Possidente

Backup Lead
Mike Seal

Bob Abe
Paul Ambrose
Kevin Bane
Timothy Beggs
Matthew Bittman
Eleanor Crawley
Jim Crawley
Alan Denham
Michael Dubose
Ross Edwards
Grant Frazier
Mark Gutknecht
Joe Lease
Jason Lego
Timothy McCracken
Steveven Purdie
Salvatore Saccheri
Greg Schneider
Jeff Smith

Voice Actors
Anita Amrhine
Yvette Bazzell
Brandi Boone
Gillian Broomhall
Christopher Clark
Janis Clayton
Elanor Crawley
Mark Cromer
William F. Denman, Jr.
Michael Dubose
David Ellis
Brandon Gamblin
Wayne Harvey
Don Howard
Tsuyoshi Kawahito
Rosalie Kofsky
Darren Lambourne
John C. O’Neill
Andrew Parton
John Possidente
Roland J. Rizzo
Henry Schwetzke
Guy Sparger
Murray Taylor

Product Marketing Managers
Tom Nichols, US
Adrian Turner, Europe

Channel Marketing Manager
Stephanie Marsh

Creative Services
Kathryn Lynch
Marisa Ong
Matthew Willis
Reiko Yamamoto

Special Thanks To
Marisa Ong, Cornyn Partners Advertising and Design

Sales Team
Rachael Mannick

Internationalization Director
Daniel Berner

Project Manager
Sarah Collins

Emanuela Boni
Péa Eigler
Marianne Reynolds
Patricia Winter

Linguistic QA
Eddie Lai
Vansouk Lianemany

Localization Manager
Karen Ffinch

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