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MEC variant of the Assault and Infantry classes. Marauders are designed to get up close and personal, causing havoc at close range with point blank flanking shots, flamethrowers and kinetic strikes. They are primarily offensive class and have ways to stay relevant and important damage dealer throughout whole campaign.

Primary Weapon: MEC Primary Weapons
Secondary Weapon: MEC Secondary Weapon Systems
Class-Limited items: MEC Equipment items
Attribute Growth: HP x2, Mob x2.


Rank Ability
The first use of the Kinetic Strike Module each turn will leave this unit with 1 AP but reduces mobility to 3.3 tiles during their next action. Grants Ram and +0.6 mobility.
If this unit moves at least 4 tiles in a mostly straight line towards the tile directly in front of an enemy, this unit will hit that enemy for x damage, where x is half of the distance moved + 1 for every 10 max HP this unit has.
Lance Corporal
Dash and Bash
Dash and Bash
Allows a Kinetic Strike at 0 AP if the last AP was spent moving. Grants +4 damage to Kinetic Strikes (+8 if this unit has a Thumper) and doubles the effect tiles moved has on Ram damage. Disables the AP discount from Onslaught. Cannot activate if out of ammo. 2 turn cooldown.
Close Combat Specialist
Close Combat Specialist
Grants a reaction shot at any enemy within 4 tiles that acts. Reaction shot only activates on enemy's turn, once per enemy. [Basic reaction shots bypass half of cover DR/def, cannot crit, and require hit chance >30]
Jetboot Module
Jetboot Module
When activated, grants +4.0 mobility and the ability to jump to normally inaccessible heights for the rest of the turn. 2 turn cooldown. Does not break hidden abilities (Cloaking, Shadow, Concealment, Stealth, or Ghosting).
Grants +1 damage and +20 aim against targets within 4 tiles. Counterattacks melee attacks with damage equal to this unit's max base HP.
Regen Biofield
Grants +3 armor HP and %DR equal to half of the %HP lost.
Grants immunity to critical hits. Injury and fatigue times are reduced by 20%.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
Grants 10 aim, crit, and defense if not within 4 tiles of an allied unit.
Lock N' Load
Lock N' Load
Reloading any weapon costs only 1 AP. Dashing automatically reloads the active weapon.
If at full HP, repulses any attack against this unit, causing it to graze (dealing only half of the original damage).
Tech Sergeant
Grants +1.3 mobility and increases the movement bonus when dashing to +40% (from +20%).
Gunnery Sergeant
Repair Servos
Repair Servos
Repairs damage sustained in battle: When damaged, gain servos equal to 45% of the damage sustained. Each servo can heal 1 HP. At end of turn, use half the servos available (minimum 1, if available).
Extra Conditioning
Extra Conditioning
Grants +3 armor HP, +0.6 mobility, 10% throw range, and a 10% chance for all end-in-idle actions to cost 0 AP.
Bring 'Em On
Bring 'Em On
Grants additional shot damage equal to half the number of enemies in sight. Grants additional aim and graze chance equal to 5x the number of enemies in sight.
Master Sergeant
This unit does not trigger reaction shots or Pursuit when walking (not dashing). After repositioning, grants +2 crit dmg until next turn. Grants +0.6 mobility.
Vital Point Targeting
Vital Point Targeting
Steadied shots, reaction shots, or shots at targets not protected by cover deal 30% more damage when hitting humans or autopsied biological aliens.

Tactical Advice

Marauders essentially act like the MEC version of Assaults; their goal is to dive into enemy lines, deliver a crippling punch, then either shoot for more damage, tank shots with One for All, or get out, all possible thanks to the free action Onslaught provides. As that SPEC perk may imply, the Kinetic Strike Module (KSM) is a core item on every Marauder. Marauders are excellent first mech to build, with KSM they can't miss so damage is guaranteed and close range makes it easier to land follow up ranged shot. They are often capable of killing two aliens per turn, punching one and shooting the other.

They excel on the offensive front and will always be one of the top damage dealers in the squad. One of their strongest use is in killing hard to hit Chryssalids on terror missions, while later in the game they are one of the best counters to Sectoid Commanders, Ethereals and Sectopods. Going after the strongest aliens makes them exposed and always in danger, but their perk tree gives them a good number of defensive options. They aren't as tanky as the likes of a Shogun or Goliath can be, but they can hold their own in a pinch with an appropriate build. One of their notable weaknesses is their trouble dealing with flying units that they can't punch.

Punching cover will destroy even UFO walls, open flanking opportunities and has many advanced usages.

Sample Builds

Dash and Bash Marauder

Marauders that take Dash and Bash are very much like the Assaults that they came from. With a high natural mobility and plenty of ways to increase it even further through perks and items, this build can be anywhere any time that Dash and Bash is active. The build is also prime candidate for taking advantage of Ram and its movement scaling. It is perhaps the best scaling Marauder build for late game. Its weakness is shot damage that will be lacking against anything mechanical or crit-resistant, however, KSM can make up for this weakness with its strong penetrating damage. Take note that Dash and Bash will disable AP discount for KSM punch, once you knock out the alien the turn is over. Additionally, this build is never going to be especially tanky; be careful if multiple enemies are around. There are couple of ways of playing the build, picking offensive perk like Brawler to guarantee kills is good offensively, but better long term solution is probably picking tanky perks. Marauder is primary puncher and in any case for less experienced players its good idea to pick some defensive perks, like Fortified or Grit.

Sample Dash and Bash Build:

Dash and Bash -> Grit or Fortified -> Lone Wolf or Repulsor -> Sprinter -> Repair Servos or Extra Conditioning -> Shadowstep

Recommended Equipment: Kinetic Strike Module, Thumper, Light MEC suit, Flamethrower/Granade launcher for AOE, Survivability-increasers


  • Both MEC Suits can work well for this build; note that even with a heavy MEC suit, your tanking will be limited.
  • Besides the mandatory KSM, other MEC secondaries all have their own uses for this build:
    • Grenade Launchers, Gravity Mines, Flamethrowers, and Electropulses all give you additional options, having AOE damage is quite beneficial
    • Restorative Mist is solid on any MEC, espec. if you pick Repulsor
  • A few ranks have versatile perk choices:
    • At CPL, Brawler is a damage and aim increase that will prove useful with an aggressive build such as this, but the survivability of Fortified opens up more opportunities to be aggressive in the first place due to the lower risk.
    • At SGT, Lone Wolf is almost always going to be active and it makes aliens less likely to target you. Repulsor makes it that you can shrug off first hit.
    • At GSGT, Extra Conditioning gives you more flexibility in what you can do and how often due to the stats and free action chance, while Repair Servos is potentially more hp healing.
    • At MSGT, Shadowstep makes moving under ow and punching easier. If you flank and shoot, Vital Point Targeting makes your shots significantly stronger against biological targets specifically.

CCS Marauder

Close Combat Specialist Marauders function similarly to Run and Gun Assaults, dashing into the fray and dishing out damage with multiple CCS shots. This build can deal lots of damage at times, essentially being close range AOE, just make sure that Marauder has always enough ammo to shoot. Weakness of the build is that is is the least tanky due to the inability to use One for All alongside Close Combat Specialist. To avoid injuries think twice before running into multiple strong enemies on higher difficulties. This build can use offensive perks very well, Brawler will make sure that Marauder hits the target. Lone Wolf is interesting, it has great synergy with playstyle and gives extra aim and much needed defense, which makes it possible for example to skip Brawler and pick Fortified for crit immunity. This leaves Bring 'Em On for extra damage, aim and graze chance, and Vital Point Targeting which scales damage well to guarantee kills on bio enemies. Lock n' Load is available for reloading ammo, which has synergy when dashing into aliens - the ammo is auto reloaded on dash. Whatever you choose, its probably good idea to pick some defensive perks, as he will inevitably be shot at.

Sample CCS Build:

Close Combat Specialist -> Brawler or Fortified -> Lock N' Load -> Sprinter -> Repair Servos or Bring 'Em On -> Vital Point Targeting

Recommended Equipment: Kinetic Strike Module, Restorative Mist, Heavy MEC Suit, Survivability-increasers, Damage-increasers, Heavy Mags


  • A heavy MEC suit is recommended as the nature of a CCS build puts you into dangerous situations frequently. Repair Servos would work well with heavy armor. You will dash more, shoot more, punch less.
  • Light MEC suit works as well if you decide to be more mobile and elusive, but you should make sure to position properly. You will move more, punch more, shoot a bit less. Stacking defense is good way to go so picking Lone Wolf makes sense.
  • Beyond the mandatory KSM, the Restorative Mist works well as a mostly passive equipment for a build that can struggle with action economy.
  • This build can specialize in more damage or more tankiness:
    • At SGT, both Lone Wolf and Repulsor are viable choices. The build can be played without Lock 'n Load - remember - Marauder is KSM puncher.
    • At GSGT, Repair Servos represents a ton of healing for any MEC under constant fire.
    • At MSGT, Shadowstep is excellent pick if you decide you want to punch more, CCS less. Reasonable, if you find your Marauder getting hurt too much.

Jetboot Marauder

Jetboot Marauders are about as "pure" as a Marauder can get, focusing heavily on punching enemies wherever they may be. For this build, the free action of Onslaught will often be used to enter One for All after diving to punch an enemy particularly deep in enemy lines, or to move out of sight. A Marauder under the effects of the Jetboot Module has the most mobility of any MEC, especially if using a light MEC suit; Onslaught's bonus Ram perk can be quite powerful in this context. This Marauder excels on the maps with buildings and elevation, so make sure to pick him there. Works quite well on many urban maps, usually great choice for Exalt missions as he can deal easily with both Exalt soldiers and SHIVs. This MEC build is not a shooter and it should be focused on mobility, defense and punching.

Sample Jetboot Build: Jetboot Module -> Grit -> Repulsor -> Sprinter -> Repair Servos or Extra Conditioning -> Shadowstep

Recommended Equipment: Kinetic Strike Module, Restorative Mist, Any MEC Suit, Damage-increasers, Survivability-increasers


  • A heavy MEC suit is likely the default choice for this build due to the power of punching before going into One for All, but a light MEC suit can work as well, leveraging the Marauder's insane mobility to punch high value targets before ducking into positions it can't be shot itself.
  • Beyond the mandatory KSM, Restorative Mist works well as a mostly passive equipment for a build that already has a clear plan in how it wants to spend its turns.
  • At GSGT, Repair Servos greatly enhances the overall amount of tanking this build can do, while Extra Conditioning gives even more mobility and may be the choice for a light MEC suit Marauder.

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