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The Scout is a unique class, combining elements of Assaults and Snap Shot Snipers. The Scout's signature ability is Reconnaissance, which allows them to detect nearby aliens when not engaged in combat.

Primary Weapon: Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Carbines, Marksman Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs.
Secondary Weapon: Pistols, Machine Pistols, Sawed-off Shotguns.
Class-Limited items: Marksman Scope
Attribute Growth: Aim x2, Mob x2.


Rank Ability
Displays information on the nearest aliens that are not hiding after each non-dash move. Provides additional information on sneaking aliens. The first battle scanner used each turn costs 0 AP. Grants a free battle scanner. Grants Low Profile.
Low Profile
Low Profile
Partial cover grants the defense and DR bonus of full cover.
Lance Corporal
Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Mirrors
Using a support grenade costs only 1 AP and does not trigger reaction shots. Equipped support grenades receive an additional use.
Bull Rush
Grants +25 aim and crit if shooting at 2AP or against a target on overwatch (double if both).
Hit and Run
Hit and Run
The first non-reaction shot taken at a target that was damaged, suppressed, or disoriented this turn deals +2/2/4/4/6 crit damage (based on active weapon tier) and will leave this unit with 1 AP, but prevents the use of non-mobility actions until this unit reaches 0 AP. Grants +0.6 mobility.
Grants +1 armor HP, a medikit, a smoke grenade, and +1 ammo to non-arc primary weapons.
Snap Shot
Shooting will not trigger reaction fire. If this unit has not moved this turn, shots gain a 20% chance to cost 0 AP.
Grants +1 damage to all weapons and equipment, +0.6 mobility, and +10% throw range. For sidearms: No long-range aim penalty and reloading costs only 1 AP.
Grants +1 damage and penetration to all shots. Hitting a target with a non-reaction shot clears their overwatch and disables their Reactive Targeting Sensors.
Concussion and psi grenades add 25 shred to their targets.
Vital Point Targeting
Vital Point Targeting
Steadied shots, reaction shots, or shots at targets not protected by cover deal 30% more damage when hitting humans or autopsied biological aliens.
Tech Sergeant
If this unit cannot be seen by any enemies and walks (not dashes) to full cover it will become and/or stay concealed. Enemies will not target this unit (but can sense it) when concealed. Leaving cover (that enemies have sight of), beginning a turn in sight of an enemy, being holo-targeted, being flanked, and performing any action will break this concealment. Firing from concealment grants +30% crit.
Gunnery Sergeant
Equipped medikits, grenades, and mists receive an additional use. Grants +1 ammo to non-arc primary weapons. Grants +1 HP to healing from Restorative Mists.
Precision Shot
Precision Shot
Fire a shot that has no squadsight penalties, +30 aim, and +30 crit. The shot will never graze. 2 turn cooldown. Only for Strike/Sniper Rifles.
This unit does not trigger reaction shots or Pursuit when walking (not dashing). After repositioning, grants +2 crit dmg until next turn. Grants +0.6 mobility.
Master Sergeant
Disabling Shot
Disabling Shot
If this unit has a sniper/strike/arc rifle: Fire a shot that disables a target's main weapon if it connects. The shot deals 1 damage and costs 0 AP. Does not work against mechanical targets. Cannot be used after activating Double Tap or In The Zone. 3 turn cooldown. Grants +1 ammo to non-arc primary weapons.
Extra Conditioning
Extra Conditioning
Grants +3 armor HP, +0.6 mobility, 10% throw range, and a 10% chance for all end-in-idle actions to cost 0 AP.

Tactical Advice

Role: Scout / Mobile Offense

The Scout is a versatile, mobile generalist class, capable of dishing out good damage output while providing a host of utility. Singularly, the Scout is a master of Reconnaissance, a perk that allows them to detect the nearest alien pod after each move, determining its direction, distance, and potentially identifying which autopsied aliens the pod consists of. As a result, their ability to provide situational awareness and thus battlefield control surpasses any other unit, but this is not it's only use; potent damage dealing perks like Hit and Run or Snapshot (gained very early at LCPL) make the Scout mobile and lethal at any range, and are some of the more mobility-focused of the multi-attack perks to boot.

Scouts have a great deal of flexibility, thanks in part to their innate Low Profile, and can be built to fill anywhere from one to all three of the following roles, depending on degree of specialty:

  • Scout: A major role of the Scout class is in their ability to recon - in Long War, the importance of situational awareness and the existence of extended range on some weapons means that gaining vision of the battlefield is more important than ever. A scout can spot for the team, moving forward into a position that may draw enemy contact and then escaping safely using Shadowstep if any major threats choose to Overwatch. Even better is advancing under Concealment, which is an effective method of gaining vision with almost no risk, so long as it is employed properly. The Scout class also has Battle Scanners which can be used for 0 AP, thanks to its Reconnaissance perk, to provide vision over walls and around corners as well as revealing cloaked enemies and providing +10 aim to shots against spotted targets. They can be supplemented with Smoke & Mirrors later on for an extra charge.
  • Mobile DPS / Off-DPS: The Scout can be specialized as a primary damage dealer thanks to the presence of offensive perks Hit and Run or Snapshot combined with other potent damage increasing abilities (Precision Shot, Bullseye, Ranger, and Vital Point Targeting), allowing a damage-focused Scout to effectively compete with other classes in a niche role as a heavily mobile flanking DPS unit. Marksman Rifles can be used to deal great burst damage with Snapshot even from risky positions, while the large ammo capacity of Shotguns makes them equally deadly for close quarters Hit and Run attacks.
  • Utility / Fire Support: The Scout class contains a veritable toolbox of utility skills that can round out any squad. Concealment and Smoke & Mirrors can make for a decent Support Grenadier, able to Concuss or Corrode enemies from close range; this is especially potent when combined with support psionics like Mind Merge or Psychokinetic Strike. Impact, Bullseye and Snapshot can be used together to provide reliable and safe overwatch clearing capabilities to resolve potentially dangerous overwatch deadlocks with the ennemy.

Battle Scanners offer utility value in various circumstances, and they can provide additional healing and squad injury reduction with First Aid as well.

Incidentally, Scouts also make for great covert operatives, as their wide variety of perks that increase mobility and survivability help immensely during Covert Operations against Exalt cells. Concealment is particularly valuable for Covert Op Extractions, where the sheer quantity of enemies make direct engagement with EXALT almost impossible.

Sample Builds

Support Scout

The support Scout uses Smoke And Mirrors to bring a condensed and effective utility package to the field through the use of reaction immune support grenades, battle scanners, first aid kits, Disabling Shot and the ever important Recon ability bundled with Low Profile for added survivability. Concealment will allow the build to scout safely ahead and get the drop on unactivated enemies with a well placed Concussion or Acid grenade.

Sample Support Build: Smoke and Mirrors -> Kitted or Ranger -> Tinker -> Concealment -> Packmaster or Shadowstep -> Disabling Shot or Extra Conditioning

Recommended Weapons: Strike Rifle or Arc Rifle
Recommended Equipment: Concussion grenades, Acid Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Battle Scanners


  • This build makes for a good psi or officer candidate, as this will give them something to do when an arc rifle would do nothing or when consumables run out, aren't in range, or simply aren't worth using. Psi Grenades are a nice bonus, as is a potential Mind Frayer.

Marksman Scout

The Marksman Scout offers consistent fire support at up to mid Squadsight range through Bullseye (or longer with Precision Shot) and a Marksman-Scoped strike rifle. This choice of weapon allows the Marksman Scout to reliably pick off weakened targets, put a dent on evasive fliers, and safely clear Overwatch when paired with Snapshot and Impact. This build can be assimilated to a less damaging but more mobile Sniper with added utility in Recon, Battle scanners and immediate Overwatch clearing.

Sample Marksman Build: Bullseye -> Snapshot -> Any -> Concealment -> Precision Shot or Shadowstep -> Disabling Shot

Recommended Weapons: Strike rifle. Secondary Sawn-off or autopistol
Recommended Equipment: Marksman's Scope, High Cap Mags, Battle Scanners/Extrasensory Vest/Damage boosting ammunition/Conduit(Psi).


  • Shadowstep allows the Marksman Scout to be essentially immune to reaction fire (except when throwing a battle scanner!) and can be particularly helpful when paired with Impact for clearing Overwatch from dangerous enemies without burning through consumables. Extra Conditioning is useful for the additional 10% chance for a free shot which stacks with Snapshot (20%), a potential Conduit(20%) and Commanding Officer (1% per activated enemy)
  • The choice between VPT and Impact boils down to what role you want the Scout to fulfill; VPT gives them higher burst damage on their reliable shots against biological enemies, while Impact is necessary for them to clear Overwatches and pairs well with Bullseye's bonus against Overwatching enemies.

Hit and Run Scout

The HnR Scout is a pure offensive build leveraging extreme mobility to reach advantageous positions and deliver destructive flanking shots to biological targets before retreating safely out of sight. While powerful, the HnR Scout cannot perform alone as its targets must first be damaged, suppressed or disoriented during the turn in order for Hit and Run to activate. Properly supported, the HnR Scout can efficiently and reliably 'delete' high value targets. Proper positioning must however be carefully maintained as the light armor required for this build will not allow much room for error. Finally, the innate utility of Recon stays a welcome addition to any squad.

Sample Hit and Run Build: Hit and Run -> Ranger or Snapshot -> Vital Point Targeting or Impact -> Concealment -> Shadowstep -> Extra Conditioning or Disabling Shot

Recommended Weapons: Strike Rifle, SMG, or Shotgun. Secondary Sawed-off or Autopistol
Recommended Equipment: Mobility increasers, High Cap Mags, Damage increasers, Marksman Scope (with Strike Rifle), Special ammo, Offensive psi items


  • Lighter armor is optimal with this build as very high mobility is required to go in close for a flank then retreat to a safe distance.
  • Each weapon choice fulfills a different role on the team:
    • An SMG guarantees powerful critical hits on exposed targets but suffers from low ammo and very limited damage to targets immune to critical hits. They pair particularly well with anything that boosts critical hits, and don't necessarily need to bring extra mobility items due to the SMG's bonus.
    • A Shotgun boasts higher base damage and ammo count but less critical chance and a lower effective range. The high base damage makes them a good choice against targets immune to critical hits. Extra mobility is essential to make up for the Shotgun's mobility penalty so that you can get in and get out.
    • Strike rifles can function from a much farther range, while doing damage in-between that of the other choices. The Marksman Scope is practically required when using this, however, and a strong secondary in the form of a ranger Autopistol or Sawed-off Shotgun is important to cover close range. You can also consider taking Precision Shot to benefit this weapon choice, but you'll lock yourself into Strike Rifles as a result.
  • HnR Scouts make for some of the best Psi users as these abilities can be used after HnR activates. As a result, this makes items such as Mind Frayer and especially Conduit quite potent.
  • Muscle Fiber Density allows for extended reach in a large number of maps, which can be useful if becoming Psionic isn't an option.
  • HnR Scouts can choose a very similar build to Bullseye scouts if they want to gain Overwatch-clearing utility in exchange for some raw damage.

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