UFO Tracking (Boost) (EU2012)

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UFO Tracking (Boost)

Activate this module during interception to provide an immediate, temporary boost to our unit's pursuit speed. The module will burn out after one use. Its technology lets us focus our satellites' computation resources on UFO pursuit, and might buy precious time to chase down even the fastest UFOs.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

The UFO Tracking module freezes the countdown timer for a few seconds, giving you those few extra seconds to take out the UFO. In most cases, the allotted time frame is enough to down the UFO or pull out after doing some damage, and let another plane finish it off. However, while this gives you more time to rail on the UFO, it also gives the UFO more time to rail on your Interceptor, and unless you're fighting a small scout or using a Firestorm, those few extra seconds might be enough for the UFO to finish you off instead of you finishing the UFO off. Perhaps the most useful situation for the UFO Tracking is if you're forced to take on the Overseer UFO with regular Interceptors. Regular Interceptors have significantly less time to shoot the enemy than a Firestorm will. A Tracking module will give your regular planes a few extra precious seconds to shoot the Overseer. A secondary (and undescribed) function is that it reduces approach time for any interceptors equipped with the short-range weapons (Phoenix Cannon, Laser Cannon, EMP Cannon), allowing you to start doing damage sooner.

UFO Tracking Modules require 2 Cyberdisk wrecks to produce, which aren't as common as they could be, especially on higher difficulties.

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