Phoenix Cannon (EU2012)

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Phoenix Cannon

The Phoenix Cannon is capable of delivering massive burst damage, but its limited range puts the Interceptor at greater risk during combat.

  • Close range scatter weapon designed to shred highly maneuverable targets
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Experimental Warfare
Base Costs §35
5 Engineers
Hit Chance 95%
Range 85
Firing Time 1
Damage 350/350/350/350
Armor Penetration 11/11/6/6
  • The Phoenix Cannon is available very early on after researching Experimental Warfare , one of the first research projects available.
  • Compared to the Avalanche missiles, it trades range for high fire rate and incredible hit rate. The time spent approaching will mean the Interceptor gets a little more battered, but the high rate of fire and hit rate will probably make up for that. However, they don't do much for you that Avalanche Missiles don't already do, and it's possible to ignore Phoenix Cannons entirely. That being said, if you find yourself stretched thin on Interceptors early on, Phoenix Cannons might provide the edge your air force needs while you build it up.
  • Two Ravens equipped with Phoenix Cannons, with luck, can take down an Abductor UFO, but are not powerful enough for larger UFOs. And with both scout UFOs downed easily enough by Avalanche Missiles, this Cannon's use is somewhat limited.

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