Plasma Cannon (EU2012)

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Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon

As we've continually strived to "even the odds" for our pilots facing the alien craft in combat, one of our most important developments was the research engineering of their plasma-based weaponry. Having successfully created a variant for our troops on the ground, the most difficult part of our work was already done. Increasing the size and firepower of these weapons for an application suitable to our Interceptors was a relatively straightforward process. Once we confirmed that the ship itself could handle the stress associated with firing these weapons, it was simply a matter of scaling up the device and creating an appropriate mount. We believe the plasma cannon is now ready for general fabrication in engineering, and I'm confident our pilots will appreciate the additional firepower it provides.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Plasma Cannon

The focused plasma cannon is an ideal anti-UFO weapon, combining high damage output with a long effective range.

  • Plasma projectile's extreme heat can melt almost anything
  • Lack of onboard guidance and unpredictable reaction to terrestrial atmosphere causes some inaccuracy
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Plasma Cannon
Base Costs §135
25 Alloys
25 Elerium
20 Engineers
Hit Chance 85%
Range 100
Firing Time 1.25
Damage 800/800/700/700
Armor Penetration 48/48/33/33
  • The trusty Plasma Cannon will quickly make itself at home as your go-to weapon for your Interceptors or Firestorms. Long range, good damage, good accuracy, and good rate of fire makes it an all around acceptable weapon. Once its fielded, most UFO interceptions will become easy for both types of Interceptor, and even the standard Ravens will be able to drop a Battleship with the help of modules and/or chain launching your planes. In fact, if you were to equip all 20 of your Interceptors with Plasma Cannons and call it a day, you wouldn't be hurting yourself.
  • However, Plasma Cannons are also the first weapon that will start to bore a decent hole in your wallet, so it may be advisable to begin erring on the side of caution and aborting your interceptions a little quicker than before and sending another plane to finish the job if things start to get too dicey.
  • The Plasma Cannon research tech requires you to first research either the Light Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle or Heavy Plasma. By capturing a regular Muton when they first appear, and interrogating him first for the Plasma Weaponry Credit, it's possible to get Plasma Cannons by the early game.

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