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For the XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) version, see Floater (EU2012)

'The Floaters' are weak creatures that, as their name suggests, are capable of flying.

Unlike Sectoids, which can be very dangerous when accompanied by Cyberdisks and / or a Sectoid leader, Floats are not excessively dangerous. Its main tactical advantage in combat in its ability to fly, which allows them to be placed in positions of sniper in ceilings, although very rarely they do it.

The Floats can be found frequently in exploration missions or also in Terror missions, accompanied in the latter case by Reapers.

Floaters are perhaps the most common alien race you'll encounter throughout the game.


TUs:               50-69
Health:            35-45
Energy:            90-116
Reactions:         50-81
Strength:          40-51
Bravery:           80
Firing Accuracy:   25-78
Throwing Accuracy: 58-65
Psi Skill:         N/A
Psi Strength:      35-52

Specimen Live

The Floaters are primarily soldiers and terror agents.

They are naturally predatory beasts, genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced to make formidable warriors. The lower half of the body and most internal organs are surgically removed, and a life support system is installed.

This implant contains an anti-gravity unit which enables the creature to float, albeit unsteadily, through the air.


Floater Autopsy

The creature has been drastically altered by surgery. The device which seems to form the core of the body is a life support system, taking over the function of heart, lungs and digestive system.

This would enable the creature to survive in extremely hostile environments. The brain is smaller than ours, but the sensory organs are well developed.


The following are some miscellaneous notes on the Floater:

  • The Floater takes 1.2x damage from melee attacks, and 1.6x damage from a Celatid's acid spit.
  • Average Energy.
  • Is slow (low TUs).
  • Low Health.
  • Low Reactions.
  • Low Strength.
  • Low Psi Strength.
  • Very low Firing and Throwing Accuracy.
  • Rank matters when fighting Floaters. Floater Leaders and Commanders have much better stats than the other ranks, especially concerning Firing, Reactions and Armor. This can lead to some unpleasant surprises when those ranks are present but it is also a way to figure out the higher ranks if you don't have a Mind Probe.

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