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In other languages: 한국어. For the Version that appears in The Bureau, see Silacoid (Bureau)


Silacoids are an alien terror unit accompanying Mutons along with Celatids. As with all terror units, they can be encountered on Terror Missions, Base Defences, with a Terror Ship or Battleship, on Alien Base Assaults, and finally on Cydonia.

Silacoids are the least dangerous alien of any in the game: they cannot make ranged attacks and are slow enough to be easily outrun. Their heavy armor makes them hard to damage without at least a Laser Rifle (although they are also vulnerable to any form of explosive attack). They are furthermore totally immune to fire. All of these qualities makes them the perfect alien on which to train your troops' Firing Accuracy and Reactions.


TUs:                   40-46
Health:                114
Energy:                80-92
Reactions:             40-49
Strength:              70-75
Bravery:               100
Psi Skill:             N/A
Psi Strength:          80-92

Damage:                70-75
Close Combat Accuracy: 92%
TUs:                   15

Live specimen

This silicon based life form generates an enormous amount of heat. It has the strength to crush rocks which can then be ingested by the hot core. It has a primitive intelligence and can be controlled by implants or telepathic beings. It works with the Muton alien race.


Silacoid - Autopsy

The core of the creature is extremely hot, and seems to be the basis for a digestive system. Its unique muscle system has tremendous power and speed. Its rock like skin is not harmed by fire or incendiary ammunition.

Reactions training

Silacoids are perfect for Reactions Training; they will not "freeze" like disarmed humanoid aliens will, and will trigger reaction shots from even your slowest soldiers (30 Reactions). Flying troops are completely safe from Silacoids and ground troops can still outrun them (stay at least 8 squares away at all times). If that weren't enough, they are completely immune to fire, which means you can train several troops on one Silacoid using multiple AC-I clips (11 shots per soldier gives the maximum possible benefit). Their high armor (50 points in most locations) makes them quite resistant to other weak weapons as well (but don't use HE ammo). Note that your soldiers will not gain firing accuracy while using IN rounds, only their reaction levels may improve.


  • The Silacoid's hit does 1.2x damage to unarmoured soldiers and civilians.
  • It does 0.9x damage to tanks and hovertanks.
  • Silacoids take no damage at all from fire or incendiary weapons.
  • They take 1.3x damage from explosives.
  • Silacoids are very small (10 height), making them hard to hit "by accident", although this does not affect normal firing accuracy.
  • If next to its target, a Silacoid can attack 2 times in one turn (3 times on Superhuman difficulty).
  • Silacoids burn the ground when they move; watch for tell-tale signs of their presence by the burn trails they leave behind on the battlefield.
  • You cannot hit a Silacoid with a Blaster Launcher if you fire it on the same plane that it's on. You must make the Blaster Bomb hit it from above so that it hits the ground or the Silacoid itself, hit a nearby obstacle, or hit a taller unit.

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