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Skyranger Troop Transporter concept art

This craft appears in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. For the original equivalent in UFO: Enemy Unknown see Skyranger.


  • The SR-77H Skyranger is a supersonic long-range tactical transporter with Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) abilities that is used to deploy combat squads in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
  • The Skyranger has a crew of 1 pilot and can carry up to 6 fully equipped soldiers or SHIVs. Initially the craft will only carry 4 soldiers until the necessary Officer Training School upgrades are purchased, allowing to increase its troop transport abilities.
  • During combat missions the pilot will remain at the controls of the craft, with its engines ready for an immediate dust-off, in case a retreat is ordered by the XCOM Commander, and bringing back to base any soldiers present on its blue marked Deployment Zone. Any soldiers out of this area will be left behind and considered Missing In Action (MIA).
  • Probably reflecting the nature of it being an advanced prototype, there will only be a single Skyranger available at the XCOM HQ. However, the craft will be manned and fully fueled, making it available at all times for combat missions.
  • The Skyranger will also be seen during the campaign bringing back high-value alien artifacts such as the Psi Link.


  • Unlike the original, the Skyranger does have a pilot that uses the callsign Big Sky.
  • The ingame designation SR-77H was inspired in XCOM fandom present on this wiki. For the origin of the designation check Data Canister: Skyranger.

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