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The Equipment Market

This section will describe the ins and outs of purchasing equipment and its wider economical effect within Apocalypse.


Equipment is one of the most important features of Apocalypse; sending an un-equipped agent into combat is suicide, whereas having the right equipment can see you winning battles against the odds. A variety of Organizations within the cityscape are willing to sell you weapons, armour, armaments and various enhancements for your army of agents or your fleet of craft. Their willingness to trade with you, however, depends on your actions throughout the game.

Effect of Relations on Trade

Various Organisations within Apocalypse are responsible for the manufacture and retail of numerous pieces of equipment. Your relationship with these organisations determines the availability of these items. If relations with a particular organisation are unfriendly, your supply of the items they produce will be reduced- if you aren't cut-off completely.

To prevent this from happening, avoid raiding structures belonging to any company that provides items you need. Common examples are Megapol and Marsec. Also, when tending to Infestations, try not to cause too much collateral damage as this will affect relations with the owners of the building. It may be a good idea to leave your HE equipment at home.

Supply & Demand

The market in Apocalypse changes with the level of demand for each item. In practice, this means that if you buy all the available ammo for a particular weapon one week, its price will rise the next. If you do not purchase the same item for a week after, the price will drop. If you sell a lot of the item, the price will drop even more. (Though you wouldn't want to do this simply to drop the price.)

Note that the prices of items will not fall below certain levels, accurately reflectiong minimum cost of production. These levels depend on the item in question.

When selling items that you have manufactured in your workshops, the same principle applies. If you sell lots of one item in one week its value will drop, sometimes instantly. Manufactured items regain thier value more slowly than other items, especially if they are commercially available from another company, such as cargo modules. However, you can manipulate the price by buying up anything on the open market.

Items Availability

Some of the more advanced items become only available in weeks 2 and 3.

Week Two

Week Three

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