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Welcome to the Openxcom Hardmode wiki, a part of Hardmode is a mod for Openxcom.

The mod aims to significantly increase the difficulty of the base game while maintaining an overall atmosphere and gameplay as similar to the vanilla XCOM as possible.

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Alien Life Forms (Hardmode)

Mixed Crews

All alien UFO's and Bases will make use of a primary species that operate it, however as the invasion proceeds these crews will be augmented with a small contingent of a second alien species, randomly assigned as a part of the crew.

Furthermore, alien Terror forces will also include a small group of alternative terror forces not typically seen with the primary alien forces leading the assault. This secondary terror unit will be associated with the secondary alien species that is also serving with the crew. Ergo if a Sectoid is operating with a Floater terror force, expect some Cyberdisks alongside the traditional Reapers.

Be wary, certain later game, elite, forces will make usage of multiple unique terror units not typically associated with themselves or any attached aliens.

Primary Alien Species

Most common early game enemy, unremarkable enemy with its chief advantage being able to fly in the air freely, making it capable of setting up ambushes or appearing in unexpected locations.
Very weak alien species, low health and mediocre stats in general. Leaders are psionically capable, but their abilities are the weakest of the alien forces. Accompanied by the powerful Cyberdisc on terror missions, be wary.
Good health, excellent firing accuracy. These reptilians are a deadly foe and are a marked reminder to start working towards Laser weapons when they begin to appear. Chief weakness is that they are slow and had poor reactions. Accompanied in terror missions with the deadly chryssalid.
The primary field solder of the Alien forces. Low armour but a lot of health, strength and energy as well as being able to move a great distance in combat. However they possess only average firing accuracy. Resistant to ballistic weapons, an urgent reminder to not be using ballistic guns when they appear.
These horrifying fusions of cybernetics and plantoids are essentially a superior upgrade to the Floater. Above average health, decent armour, excellent firing accuracy and the ability to fly in the air unrestrained. Similar combat tactics employed against Floaters will serve you well here, but bring more firepower. Vulnerable to incendiary weapons.
These turtle like entities are armoured bulwarks. Resistant to ballistic, and suspiciously plasma, weapons. They fulfil a similar combat function to Waspites, however they cannot fly.
The Alien forces took a lesson from Humanity that good armour and superior training can turn out effective soldiers. Sectoid Elites possess strong armour akin to XCOM personal armour, superior weapons and compared to regular Sectoids, more health and firing accuracy. They also come alongside upgraded armoured cyberdiscs on terror missions, further enhancing their combat prowess.
Muton Elites are typically seen commanding their lesser brethren in the field, but will eventually see widescale deployment as regular troops as the war progresses. They possess superior armour and better resistance to psionic attacks than regular Mutons, and will typically be wielding stronger weapons. Otherwise they operate akin to regular Mutons.
A very rarely seen force, typically assigned to guarding high value targets. These Mutons represent the most elite of the Muton forces the Aliens have to offer. Supremely strong armour that is resistance to laser, plasma and explosives attacks, high health, extremely high resistance to psionic attacks, high reactions, strength and firing accuracy. Underestimate these entities at your own peril.
The Alien leader caste. Typically reserved to commanding Alien forces as rear commanders, but they will eventually make their presence known in the latter stages of the war. They can fly, each Ethereal possess potent psionic abilities, and are very potent combat skills. To make matters worse, Etherals are immune to Mind Control. Arguable the most dangerous enemy in the game.

Terror Forces


Craft Armaments

To prosecute the war against the invading aliens, XCOM forces will need to employ an array of craft weapons to bring the aliens down to Earth. These weapon systems will be vital to allow your interceptors a chance to down enemy craft that may otherwise not land of their own accord. Some weapons are available to purchase immediately, others will need to be researched and manufactured in XCOM workshops.

Most weapon systems have seen changes compared to their vanilla counterparts, you can expect more competitive weapon options.

These weapon systems are available to purchase from the start of the conflict:

These weapons can be manufactured after they have been researched:

Quick Comparison Table

Armament Damage Range (km) Accuracy* Reload Time Shots
Stingray 70 21 70% 64/48/32 6
Avalanche 100 42 80% 96/72/48 3
Cannon 10 10 25% 4 200
Alloy Cannon 20 30 33% 3 200
Laser Cannon 70 34 50% 24 50
Plasma Beam 140 42 60% 24 50
Fusion Ball Launcher 230 65 100% 64/48/32 3

* Accuracy is modified by the size of the UFO you're shooting at. Multiply by 0.8 for Very Small, 0.875 for Small, 1.0 for Medium, 1.25 for Large and 2.0 for Very Large.

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