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The gauss weapon is newly developed X-COM technology. The end of the Gauss Weapon research path, this system's particle accelerator is powered by a compact, liquid nitrogen cooled, fusion reactor.

Offering power per round inbetween that of the AJAX Torpedo and D.U.P. Head Torpedo, TFTD's Gauss cannon fails to impress for several reasons, perhaps even more so than the Laser Cannon of the First Alien War. To start with, its ammunition must be manufactured, at the cost of $200 a shell in cash, plus labour costs. These shells are shared with the Coelacanth/Gauss SWS, although they do not share the loading faults of the tank version. The range of the weapon is poor, not even passing that of the AJAX. The accuracy is low, meaning you will be shooting money away into the watery depths more often than you would prefer. The very slow rearming rate means it has one of the slowest operational turnaround times in the game.

However the Gauss Cannon sells very profitably. Consider manufacturing it during idle time for sale on the international black market.

Manufacturing Requirements


Engineer Hours:300
Cost per Unit:$182,000 cash, plus costs
Workshop Space required:6


Engineer Hours:5
Cost per Unit:$200 cash; $877 including all costs & opportunity costs
Workshop Space required:2
Reload rate:10/hr

Vital Statistics

Range:20 km
Reload Time (Official):4 game seconds
Reload Time (actual):6x slower than Gas Cannon (= 18 game seconds)
Ammunition Used:Craft/SWS Gauss Shells; actual + opportunity costs to manufacture = $877 each.
Rearming Rate:10 per hour per craft

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