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Training facility allows agents to improve their skills or remove scars obtained in combat. Training sessions require a certain number of in-game days to complete, meaning the agent won't be available for missions.

General Training

This training is available to all agents.

Training Effect Time
Basic Conditioning +2 HP 2 days

Individual Training

Unlock potential training requires Special Agent Rank. Further individual training requires Principal Agent Rank.

Training Agent Effect Time
Unlock Potential Verge +2 Dodge 3 days
Unlock Potential Cherub, Shelter, Zephyr +2 Mobility 3 days
Unlock Potential Torque +1 Mobility and +20 Dodge 3 days
Unlock Potential Godmother +1 Mobility and +15 Dodge 3 days
Unlock Potential Blueblood +15 Crit chance 3 days
Unlock Potential Terminal, Patchwork +1 Utility Item slot 3 days
Unlock Potential Claymore +1 Armor 3 days
Unlock Potential Axiom +1 Mobility and +1 Armor 3 days
Step Up Godmother Scoring one or more kills grants Godmother a free reload action. 5 days
Return Fire Cherub Cherub fires back at the attacker when shot. 5 days
Guardian Terminal Overwatch abilities trigger for multiple targets as long as ammo is available. 5 days
Mind Lash Verge Mindfray deals an additional 1 damage to each enemy in the Neural Network. 5 days
Writhe Shelter Psionically drains life from a target in melee range. This damages the target and heals Shelter. 5 days
Heavy Ordinance Claymore Grenade items gain a bonus use. Affects all grenades. 5 days
Quick Reload Blueblood Reload is a free action. 5 days
Storm Generator Patchwork Increases the chain range of Chaining Jolt. 5 days
High Impact Zephyr Crowd Control will apply a random debuff (Disarmed, Rooted, Disorientated) to each target. 5 days
Counterattack Axiom Axiom has a chance to counterattack any melee attack against him. 5 days
Tag Team Torque Using Tongue Pull on an ally grants that ally one action immediately. Does not affect the target's cooldowns. 5 days

Scar Removal Training

Training Scar Stat Time
Fitness Hobbled Aim 2 days
Heightened Reflexes Sluggish Dodge 2 days
Marksmanship Blunted Crit chance 2 days
Mental Preparation Unfocused Psi 2 days
Resolve Shell-shocked Will 2 days
Toughness Weakened Max HP 2 days