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General Information

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Official Entry: " The General Metro corporation designs and manufactures road vehicles. Since the corporation installed an efficient anti-grav system inside the road structure it became possible to produce low powered anti-grav road vehicles which were cheap and efficient, despite being limited to the road system. The vehicle designs were based on the exuberant styling of the 1950s according to the requirements of city planners. General Metro is a major competitor to Superdynamics, as both corporations provide transport systems."

Cityscape Information

Hostile terms with General Metro will disallow X-COM from buying their products (see below). The only one of importance is the Passenger Module. Note that most of the engines can also be acquired by buying the appropriate vehicle from Marsec and ripping out the engine.

Buildings Owned

Product Listing

Initial Attitude

Unfriendly/Hostile To

Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.

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