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Our studies show that the Hyperworms can consume large quantities of both organic and metallic matter. Its powerful jaws can also be used in close combat. It has a very high metabolic rate and can move at fast speeds with a snake-like action. It has a short life span and only lives for two to five days depending on how much food it can find. At the end of this feeding period it finds a safe place and suddenly inflates into a balloon like structure which is fixed firmly to its surrounding terrain. This structure appears to be some form of Chrysalis, inside which another life form begins to grow.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Hyperworm Autopsy
Hyperworm Autopsy.jpg

The Hyperworms' function appears to be little more than feeding. It has powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth designed for ripping and slicing. Its belly appears to be small and the body contains some curious structures containing folds of tough skin. It appears to be quite vulnerable to fire and incendiary ammunition.There is no recognizable brain structure in the Hyperworm and it is well protected from Psionic influence.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

When a Multiworm dies, four Hyperworms emerge from its corpse. They are small and agile and have a close-range (1 tile) spit attack.

On their own, Hyperworms are very weak, but make up for this in numbers. As four are created when a Multiworm dies, they swarm towards the nearest target and attack. This can often prove to be quite dangerous to a lone agent, who can only focus on one worm at a time.

If a Multiworm is engulfed in flames when it dies, the initial damage caused by the fire to the hatching Hyperworms is often sufficient to kill them instantaneously.

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