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A Chrysalis is the most vulnerable stage of Alien development because it possesses no attack mechanisms. Its skin is tough, but vulnerable to fire and incendiary ammunition. A new Alien will grow inside the Chrysalis and emerge after a period of three days. It seems that a variety of Alien forms could develop at this stage, dependent on the genetic information carried by the Hyperworm. The physiology of these new forms contains many new cell structures. We have now gained a significant understanding of Alien genetics.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


  • Grown-In Weapon = none
  • Health = 30
  • Speed / Time Units = 86
  • Accuracy = 100
  • Reactions = 5
  • Stamina = 40
  • Strength = 5
  • Bravery = 100
  • Armour¹: 12/12/12/12/12/12
  • Psi Energy = 0
  • Psi Attack = 0
  • Psi Defense = 100
  • Size = medium
  • Inventory = no
  • Movement = immobile
  • Infiltration Influence = none
  • Score = 3

¹ armour values : Head/Body/Left Arm/Right Arm/Legs/Under (approximately)

The Chrysalis appears to be an important stage in the Alien life cycle. The cell structures we have discovered seem to suggest that the emerging Aliens have a different physiology to those previously encountered. This could indicate that there will be further stages to our biological research. The Chrysalis contains no advanced brain structure and will not respond to Psionic attacks.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

A large, immobile, yellowish sac with a pulsating 'hat'.

Chrysalises will not be detected if X-Com searches a building for infestation.

A Chrysalis is the result of a (fed and bloated) single Hyperworm which has progressed to the next stage of the alien lifecycle. It is a coccoon.
An alien infestation spreading across the city from the initially infested building will also move chrysalises, singularly or with other aliens. They may hatch into other lifeforms: Anthropod, Spitter, Popper, or Skeletoid when being moved. Any chrysalises appearing on the battlescape cannot move and will not hatch.


A Chrysalis is immune to psionics.

A Chrysalis is not a threat. It cannot attack.
It is not necessary to kill a Chrysalis since all will be recovered alive via the Bio-Transport Module at successful completion. Agents will engage in combat but this may be a waste of ammunition. If escaping the battlescape, chrysalises should be killed as a priority where possible before exiting to limit further growth of more advanced and dangerous lifeforms.

A Chrysalis does not breathe. It is immune to any type of gas effect and cannot be stunned with the Stun Grapple

Chrysalis research a critical step for understanding alien lifeform reproduction.

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