Micronoid Aggregate (Apocalypse)

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Micronoid Aggregate
Micronoid Aggregate (Alive).jpg

The capture of a Micronoid Aggregate is an essential step in the advancement of our knowledge. This formless mass of micro-organisms is found inside the bloodstream of other Alien forms. Each microscopic organism is an independent and intelligent life form. They communicate with each other using Psionic projection, but they are unresponsive to human Psionics. It is unclear whether these creatures are parasites or an integral part of the Alien spawn.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Micronoid Aggregate Autopsy
Micronoid Aggregate Autopsy.jpg

This is not one single creature but billions of micro-organisms. These organisms have been found in the cardiovascular systems of other Aliens, but until now we were unaware of their extraordinary capability to act independently. It is clear that our research must concentrate on these unusual life forms.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Micronoid Aggregate
Time Units 30-34
Health 80-92
Stamina 40-46
Reactions 30-34
Strength 30
Bravery 0
Psi Energy 75-81
Psi Attack 65-67
Psi Defense 85-96
Accuracy 60-67
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 0
Torso Armor 0
Arm Armor 0
Leg Armor 0
Score 15
Size X 8
Size Y 5
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Micronoid Aggregate
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Mind Bender
Unique Attributes none

The Micronoid Aggregate, appearing to be a small puddle of slime, is in fact a collection of highly intelligent microscopic organisms with powerful Psionic powers. Though they do not have physical offensive capabilities, their Psionic attacks are sufficient to disable or turn human agents against their own comrades. They are the true antagonists of the game. See: The Real Alien Threat.

Micronoid Aggregates are quire rare, and will not be encountered before Week 5. They are only found in Alien Bombers and the Sleeping Chamber building in the Alien Dimension. They are never dropped as part of Infiltration missions.

Unlike all other mobile aliens, Micronoid Aggregates make no sounds whatsoever.

Tactical Notes

Micronoids will most likely be the first Psi-capable enemy encountered by X-COM, which can present a nasty surprise for an unprepared player. They are slow-moving and unarmored but, unlike most aliens, possess substantial resistances to many human weapons (Armor Piercing, Laser, Plasma), plus complete immunity to Stun Gas. They also have a very low profile, making them harder to hit.

Micronoids are best engaged by Androids, who are immune to their attacks, highly Psi-trained Hybrids, or Human/Hybrid Agents armed with Toxiguns, which have very little effect if turned against other X-COM Agents. Note, however, that the Micronoids are completely immune to Toxin A. If the appropriate toxins are unavailable, explosives or alien Disruptor weaponry used by Androids or highly-trained Hybrids are the best methods of disposal. If forced to fight them using Human Agents, use low-powered weapons or the Megapol Stun Grapple and patience.

Deployment Bug

According to the game files, Micronoids are supposed to appear during recovery missions of Battleships and Motherships, but they do not. This appears to have something to do with the game trying to spawn too many different types and/or "squads" of aliens at once (see the Talk page for more information).

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