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General Information

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Official Entry: "Nutrivend has developed a highly efficient organic farming system that produces huge quantities of fruit, vegetables and livestock of all known varieties. The corporation also owns food processing plants and shops. The city regulations governing the additives in food are so strict that rival producers cannot compete economically, with the singe exception of Evonet."

Cityscape Information

  • Nutrivend sells no products to X-COM; hostile relations will not jeopardize X-COM's food supply.
  • It starts the game with a surprisingly strong vehicle park (Hovercars and Hoverbikes, approximately 4-5 of each) and will usually expand it to include Valkyrie Interceptors. These vehicles will only be deployed if Nutrivend's buildings are attacked by hostile craft.

Buildings Owned

Initial Attitude

Unfriendly/Hostile To

Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.

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