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This enormous creature is deposited by an Alien Mothership. Its primary objective appears to be destruction of the city and annihilation of X-COM bases. The terror and panic that it causes amongst the population indicates a change in Alien strategy. It is possible that they have abandoned their attempts at infiltration and are now only concerned with revenge and retribution against X-COM.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Overspawn Autopsy
Overspawn Autopsy.jpg

The Overspawn is a hybrid creature, derived from the Megaspawn genetic pool. It is difficult to kill, but will eventually succumb to bombardment by Disruptor Beams and other powerful weapons. Fortunately it has no ranged combat capability.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

Note: The live alien entry is not normally accessible.

The Overspawn is a giant alien created with the sole purpose of causing a lot of damage to Mega Primus. They are transported into the city by Motherships. Once deployed, the Overspawn will walk about in random directions with no aim or purpose apart from flatten anything that stands in its way. Megapol will often respond by sending police hovercars to harass it.

Fortunately, Overspawn are dimwitted and will gladly walk into the path of falling debris. This usually kills them in the process.

Otherwise an Overspawn attack is a Public Relations boon to X-COM, as any organisations, including such groups as the Cult of Sirius, that suffer damage from the attack will start to fall out of favour with the aliens. X-COM generally benefits more by not taking any action unless the Overspawn ambles too close to an X-COM facility. If this is allowed to happen and the overspawn manages to walk over the base, then it will be destroyed instantly. In this instance, heavily armed aircraft should be deployed to defend the base.


Outside of game glitches and third party editors, there is no known way to capture this alien.


  • This alien is functionally an unmanned vehicle in bipedal alien guise.
  • It is the only ground based unit that can travel without the need of a road.
  • According to FilmBoy84's research, the Overspawn was supposed to have the ability to fire four types of bombs from the smaller mouths on its chest, but this was cut from the final game.
  • If given control to X-Com via third party editors and operated, the Overspawn exhibits a built in behaviour that causes it to take a step in a random direction at various intervals when under manual control. This accounts for its sometimes erratic movement pattern.
  • It is the only alien "craft" that's given a monetary value in the game files - a whopping $1.5 million. This value is, of course, never used in-game.


Statistics Value
Top Speed4
Weapon PowerInstant destruction
Weapon RangeTouch
Score points400

*Armor values are read as: Top (above), Front, Left, Right, Rear and Bottom (below).

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