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The Popper runs at high speed towards its victim and explodes when within a range of about fifteen feet. If the Popper is attacked with armor piercing, incendiary or explosive ammunition then the explosive effect is likely to be triggered. We recommend that other forms of weaponry be used against this creature in most combat situations.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Popper Autopsy
Popper Autopsy.jpg

The Popper is little more than a walking bomb. Its simple brain structure means that Psionic attacks have a very low chance of success. Its body contains no obvious explosive device, although there are several chemicals mixed into the creatures stomach creating a highly unstable explosive compound.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Time Units 110-127
Health 35-40
Stamina 55-63.5
Reactions 8-9
Strength 10
Bravery 0
Psi Energy 0
Psi Attack 0
Psi Defense 100
Accuracy 100
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 7-11
Torso Armor 7-11
Arm Armor 7-11
Leg Armor 7-11
Score 8
Size X 16
Size Y 5
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Popper
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Bomb
Unique Attributes may explode when killed;
smoke trail

The Popper is an extremely dangerous enemy that is functionally a homing missile with legs. Poppers are weak, but they move very fast and leave a smoke trail behind them, which can sometimes conceal other enemies. They have no weapons, but if they come in close proximity with any X-COM Agent, they will self destruct and cause a powerful, wide area explosion. Poppers cannot jump upwards, but their explosions are powerful enough to damage low flying agents.

They begin to appear in Week 2 and are encountered regularly as part of UFO crews, infiltration missions and in buildings in the Alien Dimension. They are also one of the aliens that can emerge from a Chrysalis.

Poppers make chittering noises when idle and "chomp" noises as they move.

Poppers that successfully execute their attack do not count toward X-COM's score (they are considered to have "fled the combat zone"), although Poppers that explode when killed, do so.

Tactical Notes

A Popper's explosion is powerful enough to seriously injure or instantly kill armored X-COM Agents near the centre of the blast. They will explode if they are killed with armor piercing, high explosive or incendiary damage, by falling objects and falling damage, or if they bleed to death (be careful around stunned Poppers). Beam and gas weapons will kill or disable them without causing an explosion.

The Popper's innate ability to generate smoke as they move can s(ometimes) result in the smoke overriding Stun Gas and Alien Gas, which sometimes allows them to run through it unharmed.

Like the Brainsucker, their main strength lies in the element of surprise. To defend against them, a combination of vigilance and good reactions are required when on the ground or in enclosed spaces. Flying high enough (5 levels high minimum) completely negates their offense if the battlescape allows it. Suicide jumping is possible when recovering a Fast Attack craft since easy access to the roof allows them to drop over the edge above the trench onto your agents. Jumping is quite rare however since its purpose is to get as close as possible, as soon as possible, to explode. When a Motion Scanner is used, Poppers can be easily be detected by their movement pattern, often being a long straight line. In addition, one should listen for it or look for the characteristic smoke trails that signal their presence.

Proximity Mines and Boomeroids can be used to lay traps for them, as long as one keeps well away from the blast area. Powerful weapons like the Devastator Cannon or Stun Grapple are effective at dispatching them. A Power Sword can also be handy as it doesn't cause them to explode, but using it properly requires good timing.

Poppers become significantly less dangerous once Agents start wearing X-COM Disruptor Armor.

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