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Live Psimorph

The Psimorph is a rare and highly specialized Alien. Its Psionic powers and defense are formidable, it is likely to be used as an Alien commander in battle situations. Despite its ability to fly, its mobility is limited due to its bulk and lack of a skeletal structure. Unlike other Alien types it seems to survive quite well in our environment. It represents a serious threat to our Agents. Our best form of defense is with biological weapons and strong Psi-defense.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Psimorph Autopsy
Psimorph Autopsy

The creature has internal devices that generate an anti-grav field allowing it to float through the air. Without this mechanism the Psimorph would collapse in a mass of jelly-like flesh and tentacles. It has a number of separate brain structures which are extremely well developed indicating potential leadership functions and Psionic capabilities. All of the major organs are duplicated about twelve times which would seem to be a defense mechanism allowing the creature to function despite sustaining massive damage.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Time Units 36-41
Health 420-487
Stamina 45-52
Reactions 30-34
Strength 50
Bravery 80
Psi Energy 100
Psi Attack 85-88
Psi Defense 80-91
Accuracy 30-42
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 10-16
Torso Armor 10-16
Arm Armor 10-16
Leg Armor 10-16
Score 30
Size X 70
Size Y 19
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Psimorph
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Mind Bender
Unique Attributes can fly

Psimorphs are best described as stronger, tougher and flying versions of the Micronoid Aggregate. As with the Micronoids, their only offensive capabilities are their Psionic powers. They are quite large, taking up eight tiles (2x2x2) on the Battlescape map.

These aliens are rarely encountered in Mega-Primus, as they will only be present during Alien Mothership recovery missions; they are never dropped during Infiltration missions. They are more common in the Alien Dimension, appearing in six of its buildings.

Psimorphs make banshee-like wailing noises.

Tactical Notes

On their own, Psimorphs are relatively easy to deal with. While they have a lot of Health, they lack the Micronoids' resistances, and their large size makes them easier to hit. However, they are at their most powerful if they suddenly join a big battle and start throwing X-COM forces into disarray and confusion.

Androids and highly-trained Hybrids are the safest way to fight Psimorphs. Human Agents can be moved out of the Psimorphs' sight to prevent them from getting a Psionic lock. Equipping Agents with Toxiguns will also help minimize damage should they get mind-controlled. Other aliens should be lured away from Psimorphs if possible. Due to their size, Psimorphs will be hampered in narrow, enclosed spaces, as they will block other aliens' line of fire.

Psimorphs can be tricky to capture. See Capturing Live Aliens for tips on how to accomplish this.


According to the game files, a single Psimorph is supposed to appear during Battleship recovery missions, but it does not. This appears to have something to do with the game trying to spawn too many different types and/or "squads" of aliens at once (see the Talk page of the Micronoid Aggregate article for more information).

Like the Megaspawn, a Psimorph may not be visible to an X-COM Agent if a part of its body is hidden behind a terrain object, even if the object is obviously far too small to realistically hide the whole alien.

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