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Live Psimorph

The Psimorph is a rare and highly specialized Alien. Its Psionic powers and defense are formidable, it is likely to be used as an Alien commander in battle situations. Despite its ability to fly, its mobility is limited due to its bulk and lack of a skeletal structure. Unlike other Alien types it seems to survive quite well in our environment. It represents a serious threat to our Agents. Our best form of defense is with biological weapons and strong Psi-defense.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Psimorph Autopsy
Psimorph Autopsy

The creature has internal devices that generate an anti-grav field allowing it to float through the air. Without this mechanism the Psimorph would collapse in a mass of jelly-like flesh and tentacles. It has a number of separate brain structures which are extremely well developed indicating potential leadership functions and Psionic capabilities. All of the major organs are duplicated about twelve times which would seem to be a defense mechanism allowing the creature to function despite sustaining massive damage.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

This is possibly one of the more dangerous units in X-COM Apocalypse. It doesn't have any weapons besides psionics, but it can cause serious harm to human agents, disabling them with psionic stun or panic, or worse turn them against one another with mind control. They are commonly found inside very large UFOs or roaming around Alien Dimension facilities.

On their own, they are relatively easy to deal with and make big targets because of their size. However, they are at their most powerful if they suddenly join a big battle and start throwing your forces into disarray and confusion.

If confronted, human agents should be moved out of its sight to prevent it from getting a psionic lock on them. Hybrid agents are moderately well protected against their attacks, and Androids are completely immune. These type of agents are best suited to deal with any Psimorphs that are encountered.


Androids are very useful for capturing one of these due to their psionic immunity. If you do not have any, consider hiring one for the duration of the mission.

First get a Psimorph on its own by killing all enemies around it before beginning the capture. Use a Megapol Stun Grapple or sufficient Megapol Stun Grenades to apply stun damage to the Psimorph. Then damage the Psimorph until its health drops under the stun damage level. This is typically under 80 hitpoints. Continue applying stun damage as necessary.

Once the Psimorph is unconscious, have an agent pin the Psimorph to the ground by standing on top of it. Have this agent carry a stun grapple in case the agent needs to move off the Psimorph and it chooses to wake up. Clear the mission quickly from this point so that thte Psimorph does not die if it sustained any critical wounds.

  • Note: You can sufficiently boost a human agent's psi defense stat to make them immune to Mind Control attacks by using the permanent stat boost glitch with the Marsec Mind Shield. See that section for more details.

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