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The Skeletoid is a highly effective Alien soldier with great intelligence and the ability to fly. Its agile body is capable of withstanding great damage and it can use a variety of weapons and equipment. The brain is susceptible to Psionic influence, but some form of resistance does seem to exist.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Skeletoid Autopsy
Skeletoid Autopsy.jpg

This creature has a light body with a strong exoskeleton structure which is further covered in tough skin. Unusual spherical implants appear to provide flying capability. The mechanism is different to the Elerium powered gravity wave and we do not know how it works at this stage. The brain structure is well developed.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Time Units 86-99
Health 34-39
Stamina 65-75
Reactions 46-53
Strength 18
Bravery 70
Psi Energy 0
Psi Attack 0
Psi Defense 55-65
Accuracy 30-42
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 14-22
Torso Armor 16-26
Arm Armor 14-22
Leg Armor 15-24
Score 14
Size X 32
Size Y 5
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Skeletoid
Inventory yes
Innate Weapon none
Unique Attributes can fly

Where Anthropods are the basic infantry of the alien combat forces, the spindly, yellow Skeletoids take the role of special forces. They are the only other alien that can use tools, and their their mostly superior stats and ability to fly make them dangerous adversaries.

Skeletoids begin to appear in Week 3 aboard Alien Assault Ships, and will be seen in increasing numbers as the alien craft become more advanced, as part of their crews or infiltration forces inserted into the buildings of Mega-Primus. They are also present in large numbers in the Alien Dimension.

The presence of Skeletoids is advertised by "rattling bone" noises.

Tactical Notes

A Skeletoid is, in most ways, an upgraded version of an Anthropod. It is much more mobile, and has significantly better Accuracy and Reactions. While its Health is lower, this is compensated by its significantly higher Armor ratings. It shares the Anthropod's weakness to Psionics to some extent, though not fully.

They use the same equipment loadouts and general tactics as Anthropods, but can be significantly more dangerous, especially if equipped with Personal Cloaking Fields. These devices will make the flight-capable Skeletoids hard to find, and engaging them in the open can be downright suicidal, as they will snipe X-COM Agents using Devastator Cannons, Entropy Launchers and/or Dimension Missile Launchers from outside the Agents' visual range.

The Skeletoids' ability to fly also allows them to hover high over gas clouds and fire, or enter structures through upper level access points, potentially surprising unsuspecting X-COM Agents.

Note that Skeletoids have a low Strength score, which will cause them to move slower if equipped with heavy equipment such as the Dimension Missile Launcher or numerous grenades.

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