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This unfortunate creature dedicates its short life to combat and protection of more vulnerable Alien forms. It has limited intelligence and attacks using its funnel head which projects a mix of deadly micro-organisms up to medium range. Despite its humanoid form it is incapable of using other weapons or equipment. It has no eyes, ears or nose but it can accurately detect the presence of nearby organic life forms. This ability is based on a specialized form of Psionic receptor and makes the creature very dangerous in combat situations.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Spitter Autopsy
Spitter Autopsy.jpg

The alarming appearance of the Spitter reflects the fact that this creature's only purpose is to be used in combat. The funnel head propels a liquid containing micro-organisms which secrete acids and enzymes. The large stomach of the creature generates the deadly vomit and would suggest that it sucks up the remains of any victim with its funnel head. With no discernible brain structure this creature is immune from Psionic attacks.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Time Units 55-63
Health 65-75
Stamina 32.5-37.5
Reactions 35-40
Strength 30
Bravery 80
Psi Energy 0
Psi Attack 0
Psi Defense 100
Accuracy 38-48
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 7-11
Torso Armor 7-11
Arm Armor 7-11
Leg Armor 6-9
Score 8
Size X 32
Size Y 5
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Spitter
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Vomit Funnel
Unique Attributes none

The Spitter is a support alien that assists other aliens in combat by, as best described by its name, spitting acid at X-COM agents. They resemble pink vein riddled humanoid creatures without heads. As they lack a cranium, they are clearly not capable of psionic manipulation. Despite their humanoid forms, they cannot use weapons or equipment.

Spitters are among the most common aliens in the game. They are encountered during most UFO recovery missions and are often deployed as infiltrators. Despite their lack of intelligence, Spitters are just as good at infiltration as Anthropods or Skeletoids. They appear far less often in the Alien Dimension.

Spitters are one of the possible aliens that can emerge from a Chrysalis if it survives long enough. They will not develop into any further form, and all infiltrators will eventually die off.

Spitters sometimes make characteristic noises that sound like someone clearing their phlegm-filled throat or like water sloshing around in a container.

Tactical Notes

On their own, Spitters are often put on the lower end of the threat scale as they possess quite a weak constitution and will fall to a few well placed shots from most weaponry. They have a respectable Bravery score, but may still panic if the aliens are taking heavy casualties. On the other hand, they are completely immune to Psionic attacks except Probe, which will always have a 20% chance of success.

While more accurate than the attacks of the Anthropods or even Skeletoids, the Spitters' innate attack has a rather low rate of fire and range, and will struggle to penetrate Megapol Armor. Therefore, these funnel-headed aliens will pose little threat unless they have a large numerical advantage, or if their targets' armor has already been weakened by other weapons, especially the Entropy Launcher.

Spitters do not possess the intelligence of Anthropods or Skeletoids. They cannot run, kneel or crawl, and cannot execute even simple tactical maneuvers. They are also somewhat less aggressive, and may sometimes hole up in a UFO instead of taking the fight to X-COM like most other aliens are wont to do. They are, however, sometimes smart enough to flee the combat zone if the battle is going badly against the aliens.

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