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General Information

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Official Entry: "The refinement of Elerium powered anti-grav propulsion units has created a new industry for ecologically friendly power sources. Superdynamics has developed sophisticated plants for producing power units of all sizes as well as a variety of airborne anti-grav vehicles. The cost of manufacture is high and Elerium is also in short supply. This means that privately owned vehicles are rare, but Superdynamics developed and installed the anti-grav system for the People Tubes. These safe and efficient tube ways rapidly became the mass transit system for Mega-Primus in direct competition to the road network.

Cityscape Information

Superdynamics manufactures several essential pieces of equipment, including Cargo Modules, Fusion Powerfuel, and all of the aircraft engines. All is not lost if you get on their bad side, however, as all of these components, except for the SD Special, come standard on one or another of the road or air vehicles, which are mostly manufactured by Marsec.

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Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.

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