Tank/Laser Cannon

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Tank/Laser Cannon
Tank Turret

The Tank/Laser Cannon is the first of the tanks that must be manufactured, or third in the HWP hierarchy. It is a byproduct derived from the technologies used in the craft mounted Laser Cannon.

Though it borrows the old tracked tank torso, and suffers from the same limitations, it is fitted with a much more powerful variant of the Heavy Laser that is equal in strength to the Hovertank/Plasma's turret. It is therefore the most powerful tracked tank available and a most potent weapon against aliens.

The turret has a limit of 255 shots, but is recharged for free after every battle. The high damage gives a 4.55% chance of breaching an inner UFO wall, giving them a potentially useful role as a low-cost breaching weapon (see Destroying Terrain for more details).

Tank/Laser Cannons can be produced at a significantly lower cost than the more-advanced hovertanks, and do not require Elerium in their manufacture. However, they must be produced in a workshop, not bought, and like the Hovertanks, incur a large workshop space overhead (25 compared to 30 for hovertanks).

While not as immediately accessible as the standard tanks, the Tank/Laser Cannon are good for mass-produce production - whether for general use or for replacing fallen tanks - while still retaining high firepower. The slightly higher cost over conventional tanks is offset through the lack of ammunition costs

This weapons system is used in UFO: Enemy Unknown. In Terror from the Deep, the Coelacanth/Gauss is the equivalent.

Vital Statistics

Cost:Manufacture only. $500,000
Manufacturing Requirements:1200 Engineer hours
Research Requirements:Laser Cannon
Tracked Tank Specs
Time Units 70
Health 90
Energy 100
Bravery 110
Reactions 20
Firing Accuracy 60
Throwing Accuracy 0
Strength 60
Psionic Strength 100
Psionic Skill 0
Front 90
Left/Right 75
Rear 60
Under 60
Laser Turret Specifications
Type Laser Beam
Damage 110 Laser
Rounds 255
Purchase Price $Free
Sale Price $n/a
Firing Modes Accuracy Cost
Aimed 85%(51%) 75%(52)
Snap 50%(30%) 33%(23)
Numbers in parenthesis are the actual values after modified by the chassis' abilities.
Actual costs are in fixed Time Units


  • The laser cannon can penetrate UFO inner walls approximately 4.5% of the time. See Destroying Terrain for more information.
  • Like all the advanced tanks, no research topic needs to be prompted to get the Tank/Laser Cannon.

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