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There are many different types of equipment available in X-COM for fighting the alien menace. From the start all conventional equipment is available for purchase and some human based technology including laser technology, Medi-Kits and Motion Scanners are available for research. Alien items such as the Mind Probe must first be collected, researched so that the can be used and manufactured.


Main article: Armour

Armour is worn by your agents to protect them against enemy fire both direct and indirect. Initially your agents will all be wearing basic kevlar plates that provide some minimal level of defense, as your technology progresses your soldiers will be able to withstand more damage. Armour also confers better smoke and fire resistance.


Main article: Weapons

Weapons are required to take on the alien threat, you initially have access to a diverse range of weapons. Research will allow you to use the alien weapons.

Portable equipment

Small easily portable equipment that provide supporting roles and functions that do not fall into the above categories.

  • Smoke Grenade: Creates a smoke screen to conceal your movements.
  • Motion Scanner: Scans a 10 tile radius to show units that have moved in the last and current turn.
  • Medi-Kit: Heals, revives or restores lost morale to your battle weary troops.
  • Electro-flare: Lights up dark areas of the map allowing you to see further. Reusable.
  • Psi-Amp: Allows soldiers with psi skill to wage psionic attacks just like the aliens.
  • Mind Probe: Allows identification of an alien's rank and current vital statistics.
  • Elerium-115: A valuable item to recover. Serves no immediate purpose during a mission.

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