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General Information

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Official Entry: " The Transtellar corporation owns the Space Port and many of the Space Liners that ship to the city. They also own many warehouses spread throughout the city which are used by many corporations involved in importing and exporting. The city goods transport service and the taxi service are owned and run by Transtellar. The corporation has been regarded suspiciously by Megapol which considers the corporation susceptible to Alien contamination."

Cityscape Information

  • Retaining non-hostile relations with Transtellar allows X-COM to use their taxi and transport services; once you get on bad terms with them, your personnel will be forced to use the People Tubes. (Agents can travel via X-COM–owned transports.) When purchasing goods, the manufacturer contracts Transtellar to deliver them, so X-COM–Transtellar relations have no effect. Once Transtellar becomes hostile, you will have to transfer goods manually by equipping them on agents or craft and moving them. Alternatively you can use the item's manufacturer as an intermediary by selling the item at one base and purchasing it again at another.
  • Transtellar also owns the network of People Tubes in the city. Any damage inflicted by X-COM on the tubes will have negative effects on their relations.
  • Transtellar begins the game sympathetic to the Aliens, which means that shooting down Alien craft and killing Aliens will have a negative effect on X-COM's relations with Transtellar. Therefore, Transtellar will usually turn hostile and remain that way unless X-COM is willing to pay major monetary compensations or the Aliens accidentally damage Transtellar's buildings (most likely by an Overspawn).

Initial Attitude

Friendly/Allied To

Unfriendly/Hostile To

Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.

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