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Annette Durand
Annette Durand
Annette breaks free
Ingame model

Annette Durand is a unique French soldier of XCOM, recruited after completing the second of three Progeny missions. Her voice is not available to any other units, and she can only be partially customized and is the only soldier which isn't assigned a nickname.

Initially a French civilian under the protection of her country's military, she is captured by EXALT after an assault on a convoy carrying her and given to the Aliens who discover her latent Psionic powers and use them to assault the XCOM HQ through mass mind control. Afterwards EXALT changes their attitude and mounts an assault on the aliens to recover her for their own proposes, later resulting in her rescue by XCOM operatives. Convinced that XCOM is capable of stopping the alien menace Annette then joins XCOM as a random class soldier ranked at Sergeant.

Although Annette is slightly weaker than the average soldier due to her non-military background and training, she will test positive for Psionic powers. However, she is expendable and can be killed in battle after recruitment. That being said, because of her already insanely high starting Will, if you have the Iron Will OTS upgrade, Annette is capable of achieving an obscenely high Will stat, easily getting over 100 without the aid of Psi Armor or Mind Shields.

Due to her lack of combat experience, her spoken lines during tactical missions will show a certain uneasiness with combat situations, along with a peculiar French accent.

After joining XCOM as a Sergeant, Annette will have the following stats:

  • HP: 5 (Equal to -2HP Easy / -1HP Normal / +0HP Classic / +1HP Impossible for Sniper, otherwise -3HP Easy / -2HP Normal / -1HP Classic / +0HP Impossible for all other classes)
  • Defense: 0
  • Will: 80 (Significantly higher, even with Iron Will OTS upgrade, ignoring Second Wave options)
  • Aim: 70 (Moderately lower for all classes except Heavy & MEC Trooper)

You will be able to customize her abilities as you see fit.

Since Annette is guaranteed to be Psi gifted, test her after you have finished testing your core soldiers - the chances of your normal soldiers testing positive will be reduced by already having Annette as a psionic, while Annette's chances are 100% regardless of how many psionics you've already found.

See Also

  • Progeny
  • Anna Sing - a unique civilian rescue in the base game, removed from the EW expansion, and whom likely was some conceptual basis for Annette.

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