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The Barracks, where soldiers rest, relax and recover.

From within the Barracks you can hire new soldiers, view the Memorial and view current XCOM soldiers. Later when the Facilities are built you can assess the Officer Training School and Psi Lab tabs which allows you to purchase the different squad improvements and enter soldiers for a psionic test respectively. On the Enemy Within DLC, it also allows to issue Medals for your troops.

View Soldiers

From this tab you can alter your soldiers' names, surnames, nicknames (post-Sergeant rank only), their appearance, current weapons, items and armour type and colour (Elite Soldier Pack).

The different areas of a soldier that can be customized are Race, Voice, Head, Skin Color, Hair, Hair Color and Facial Hair.

Hire Soldiers

From here you can hire new soldiers to join your ranks (up to 99 or 70 with Enemy Within DLC, This includes S.H.I.V.s however).

Soldiers on Easy/Normal difficulty cost §10 and on Classic and Impossible it cost §15.

The Memorial

Main article: Memorial (EU2012)
Memorial Wall

The Memorial is a screen accessible through the Barracks Tab which has a list all your deceased soldiers so far in your current campaign.

The main column feature the soldier's name, rank symbol, and a their nickname if they had one. It also features the name of the Mission they died on and when they died. Expect most of them to be Rookies, or Veterans who die because of lucky shots.

As of Enemy Within, a "How They Died" column has been added with the structure of "Weapon" ("Alien Name")

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