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As a race, Hybrids start their service life very poorly regarding physical stats but with high psionic skills. But as they mature, they can become incredibly powerful, making them good long-term investments.

The problem is keeping them alive that long whilst still exercising their powers. In order to use their psionic powers hybrids need to be on line of sight with its target which frequently exposes them to danger. Training a hybrid's physical stats might give them better survival odds, along with the use of armor and shielding but it will take longer than developing their psionic skills and it isn't possible to do both at the same time. However, with enough time in physical training a hybrid can achieve the same physical levels of veteran humans in addition to higher psi aptitude (while the converse is not true, time in the psi-gym will not increase a human's psi stats nearly as successfully).

When more advanced equipment becomes available, a hybrid's low strength and HP become less problematic. Disruptor armor is extremely light, so even a low strength hybrid can carry a normal weapon loadout wearing it and not be encumbered. Once disruptor shields are available they will bear the brunt of the damage your troops take, making the hybrid's low natural HP less of a weakness.

Their lack of initial combat skills and their low numbers available for recruitment will work against early deployment of purely hybrid squads since any combat deaths will be hard to replace. Hybrids work better when they are integrated into teams composed of all races, where they can rely on the protection of their fellow agents to properly exercise their various skills in combat.

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