Magna-Pack Explosive

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General Information

Magna-Pack Explosive

This explosive should only be used for demolition purposes. However past experience has shown that these powerful explosive packs are ideal weapons for rooting out Aliens. The blast radius is large so ensure no aquanauts are within the minimum safe distance.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Magna-Pack Explosive
(h x w)
1 x 2 Magpack.gif
Weight 6
D. Threshold 140
Sale Price $1,200
Action TU
Prime 50%
Throw 25%
Damage 100 High Explosive
Capacity 1
Purchase Price $1,500

The Magna-Pack Explosive is a powerful portable explosive. It is very similar to the Magna-Blast Grenade in terms of its functionality but offers double the stopping power and a larger blast radius.

While not the most powerful explosive available, it is still the single most destructive high-explosive weapon that can be purchased initially.

Having a large blast radius means that much more care needs to be taken when handling the explosives. It is ideal for demolition of large areas of difficult terrain, small buildings or even mobs of enemies.

Since the Magna-Pack Explosive is twice as heavy as other grenades, its maximum throwing distance is halved. It is recommended that Magna-Pack Explosive handlers have Strength levels of at least 40 or more to give them sufficient throwing range.

If weaker Aquanauts need to use the Magna-Pack Explosives, they will have to apply a variety of strategies in order to space themselves from it before the end of the turn.

This weapon appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the High Explosive.

Key Features
  • Indirect
  • Area-Effect
  • Timer
Pros Cons
  • High Power
  • Cheap
  • High destruction threshold
  • Heavy
  • Large


  • Due to an experience assignment glitch, planting high explosives by way of arming them an dropping them on the ground is only recommended for clearing terrain. When attacking enemies, it should be thrown, or else the experience earned from the attack will not be earned by the person that set the charge. Having someone throw the explosive first and then planting the explosive will award experience to the person that threw it.

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