Thermal Shok Launcher

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General Information

Thermal Shok Launcher
(h x w)
2 x 2 Thermalshoklauncher.gif
Weight 8
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $120,000
Grip Two-Handed
TU Cost Accuracy
Auto -% -%
Snapshot 50% 70%
Aimed 70% 120%
Cost $78,000
Technician Hours 900
Workspace 3
Materials 1 Aqua Plastics
Real Manufacturing Cost $84,900
Thermal Shok Bomb
(h x w)
1 x 1 Shokbomb.gif
Weight 3
D. Threshold 60
Sale Price $15,200
Damage 120 Freeze
Capacity 1
Cost $7,000
Technician Hours 200
Workspace 2
Materials 1 Zrbite
Real Manufacturing Cost $12,000

The aliens need humans for slaves, mutation, and genetic material. To this end, the aliens created the Thermal Shok Launcher. Firing a thermal bomb that radiates a powerful blast of cold, it is extremely effective against humans, able to reliably allow capture in a single shot by inducing severe hypothermia and a low-energy state in the target as the body reflexively attempts to survive.

Fortunately for us, it works just as well on them.

The Thermal Shok Launcher is a rather good replacement for the Thermal Tazer. Surpassing it in power, it's also much safer to stun someone with a ranged weapon rather than poke them with a stick. As damage is quadrupled on Large(2x2) units, it works quite well as a Terror unit-buster. It also has an impressive accuracy in both modes, making snapshots from this weapon still fairly accurate. A soldier armed with a Thermal Shok Launcher in each hand can fire both in one turn, provided he does nothing else; this combo can often drop even the toughest aliens you'll encounter.

This weapon appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Small Launcher.

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