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A workshop

Each workshop adds 5 engineers to our staff. Adjacency Bonus: 7% refund on resources used when building vehicles, foundry projects and facilities.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required N/A
Manpower Required 6 engineers, 2nd workshop +15 Engineers, next ones +10
Base Costs §130
Power 3
Maintenance §26 per month
Build Time 10 days
Provides 5 engineers
Adjacency Bonus 7% per workshop(10% with EW DLC)
  • Europe's continent bonus "Expert Knowledge" will lower the cost and maintenance cost of a workshop with 50%. The price will be §65 for a workshop.
  • The adjacency bonus in Enemy Within has increased the bonus from 7% to 10% when building vehicles, Foundry projects and facilities.
    • Thus: six Workshops, plus the MEC Lab and the Foundry also providing a bonus, all set in a solid block (either 3x3-minus-a-corner, or 2x4) provides a 99% refund rate in Enemy Within.

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