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There exist many alien races. Some are cretaceous creatures... some are aliens, here you will find info on races from the Second Alien War.

Weapon-Carrying Aliens

Technically the most vulnerable aliens, can be easily killed even with harpoons. Usually their subs appear mostly very early in the game. However, their leaders are M.C. capable which can lead to a nasty surprise.
Overall, probably the easiest opponents. Slightly tougher than Aquatoids, but still vulnerable. They make themselves scarce as the game progresses.
Oh Boy. An extremely tough shell, resistant to most ranged attacks and damage types. You definitely need heavy weapons and lots of ammo. Prone to stunning and melee attacks, though – if you have the gear and/or can get close enough. Usually first appear a few months into the game and soon account for most alien subs.
Although not armoured, they can take quite some punishment and still fight back. Being skilled marksmen to begin with, injured Tasoth will still be as dangerous as any other alien. Their leaders are M.C. capable. Arguably the most dangerous aliens in the game, but by the time they show up one should be able to handle them.

Terror Units

Basically a hover-tank. Can take a few hits and still return fire with high accuracy, will go down in a huge explosion like the Cyberdisc. Very dangerous. Accompanies Tasoths and Lobster Men on land.
Melee attack only. Looks like a diver. Comes with Aquatoids and Mixed Crews on land missions.
Has a built-in ranged attack (called Electric Shock or Electric Blast) but is easily killed. Follows Gillmen on land missions. Make sure to catch a live specimen.
These large Jellyfish are deadly, and can take a surprising amount of damage. Can swim. Only on submerged missions with Aquatoids and Mixed Crews.
A deadly melee attack that zombifies their victims. Armour offers little protection. They're incredibly fast and can swim. Don't play games, shoot on sight. They associate with Tasoths, Lobster Men and Mixed Crews underwater.
A baby dinosaur with metallic teeth and guns on their back. Associated with Mixed Crews on land missions. Just like their masters, you'd better be ready for them by the time they show up.
Xarquids are actually giant Nautilus with a weapon shoved up the tentacles. Their shell provides some protection, but it's nowhere as good as the Lobstermen's. Xarquids associate with Gillmen on submerged missions and with Mixed Crews on land (likely a bug).
That's what becomes of your troops if they're bitten by a Tentaculat.

Nota Bene

The "who associates with whom" information is right most of the time. However, there's also the occasional Mixed Crew Mission where (almost) anything goes.

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