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Damage modifiers, synonymous with resistances or vulnerabilities, are a percentage that alter the base damage of any particular damage type. Every unit in the game has a table with different percentages assigned to all of the possible damage types. These values make the units vulnerable to or strong against different damage types.

Ammo Type Damage Modifier Category
Ter Hu+ PAA* IA Tnk DpO Gil Tas Cal Tnt Lob Xar/Bio Hal Tri/Zom
Armour Piercing100100908095901008010080201006090
Electric Shock**100150110100120000000000

*Due to a bug in the unit spawn routine, Plastic Aqua Armour is instead assigned the modifiers for Ion Armour.

**Nothing in vanilla TFTD actually inflicts Electric Shock damage.

Please note that these are the actual numbers taken directly from the executable, which the game uses. The numbers from the Official Strategy Guide are incorrect.

(For those interested in changing/hacking the creature damage modifiers, they are located in the Tactical.exe near the end of the file, preceded directly by the decimal variable "26" (offset 781F4 in the CE version). They are listed in left to right order as two byte integers, using the table above as a reference - in groups of 14 variables for each ammo type.)

The Numbers listed below are a reference to the damage chart above (there are 14 sets of damage modifiers, numbered 0-13). The creature entries listed in the Geoscape.exe have a variable which points to which set of damage modifiers the creature uses.

Column Unit Type(s)
Ter Terrain
Hu+ Unarmored Soldiers, Civilians, Aquatoids
PAA Plastic Aqua Armor
IA Ion Armor and Magnetic Ion Armor
Tnk Coelacanths and Displacers
DpO Deep Ones
Gil Gill Men
Tas Tasoths
Cal Calcinites
Tnt Tentaculats
Lob Lobstermen
Xar/Bio Xarquids and Bio-Drones
Hal Hallucinoids
Tri/Zom Triscenes and Zombies

Note: Coelacanth and Displacer damage modifiers are not shown in the Official Strategy Guide.

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